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Why you should visit Rajmachi Trek

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Rajmachi is a well-known hike in the Sahyadri Mountains. For every trekker, especially beginners, the simple and scenic trail is one of their favorite destinations. The Rajmachi Fort, at 2750 feet above sea level, overlooks the Bhorghat Pass, an important historic trading route under the Maratha Empire.


Rajmachi is a simple trek. Monsoon trekking is the most daring and difficult. Rajmachi can be reached by two routes: one from Tungarli, near Lonavala, and the other from Kondivade village, Karjat. The journey from Tungarli to Rajmachi is longer, taking approximately 6 hours. Rajmachi can be reached in roughly 5 hours using the Karjat route. You can either take the shortest path through Kharvandi village or the longer route through Kondana, which includes a visit to the Buddhist caves.


Visit the Rajmachi fort, which was built by Shivaji in the 17th century, during the Rajmachi hike. The “Manaranjan” and “Shrivardhan” twin forts are equally fascinating. Bhairavnath Temple, Mahadev Temple, and Rajmachi Lake are all worth seeing. Rajmachi is a great place to go trekking. The trekker is inspired to trek through the deep forests by the ruins of forts, waterfalls, temples, and ancient Buddhist caves.


Because of the long trip, camping at Rajmachi is an excellent idea. Rajmachi Rural Aid and Development Programme (NGO) has two dormitories where trekkers can stay for a little fee while camping.

The Rajmachi Trek allows you to experience the spectacular grandeur of the verdant Sahyadri. Spend some time in the pure air of the highlands for a weekend vacation. Returning home feeling re-energized.


When is the best time to go on the Rajmachi Trek?

Rajmachi Trek can be done at any time of year. The benefits and attractiveness of this walk alter depending on the month you trek. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll see throughout the course of these months of hiking.

On the walk, the months of May and June are the best for seeing fireflies. These bioluminescent bugs only live for two months. If you go trekking during the monsoon season, you’ll be rewarded with lush foliage and valleys brimming with waterfalls.The trek’s hue changes dramatically after the monsoon and during the winter season. Trekking for the color of fall trees and clear views is a completely different experience.


Nearby Tourist Attractions on the Rajmachi Trek


Caves of Dhak Bahiri –

 Dhak Bahiri is a cave in the Sahyadri hill range in the Pune district of India, near the village Jambhivali off village-Malavalli. A col must be ascended, followed by a trek along a scarp, and then a vertical ascent with an almost 70-degree gradient. If you make one minor error, you’ll end up deep in the Sahyadris valleys.

Udai Sagar Lake —

 A 200-year-old water reservoir named Udai Sagar Lake (water reservoir) can be visited. This lake is only 1.5 kilometers from Udhewadi Base settlement and lies beneath the forest portion.

Shirota Lake Camping is located 11 kilometers from Lonavala. During the post-monsoon season, Shirota Lake is brimming with lush vegetation. When approaching from the Lonavala side, this lake is near to the Valvand Fork. 

Rappelling at Kataldhar Waterfall —

 As the monsoon begins to fade, we are led to an exquisite location known as Kataldhar Waterfall. The name literally means “rock cliff waterfall.” This 350-foot waterfall puts your mental fortitude to the test. The level of pure joy you will experience once you have completed this adventure activity is incomparable.

Rappelling at Kondana Caves Waterfall Pro Tip – 

Allow two days for your trip because the Rajmachi fort tour has more sights to see. You’ll have enough time to get around this way. You can also notify the homestay owners two days prior to your trek’s resumption.

What is the best way to contact you?

It takes 65 kilometers to travel from Lonavala to Pune. There are 83 kilometers between Lonavala and Mumbai. It is simple to get there via public or private transportation.


• By Rail: 

The best way to get from Pune to Lonavala is by train. From Pune to Lonavala, there are various train alternatives. Let’s take a look at the three most popular rail routes. The train is the best way to go to Lonavala from Mumbai.


• By Road:

 If you don’t have your own vehicle, buses, taxis, and rented bicycles are all available. Because taxis and autos do not have meters, it is best to set the price ahead of time. As a result, taking the bus is the greatest way to get around the city.


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