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Why you should support animal charities?

charities for animal cruelty
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charities for animal cruelty
Animals are voiceless beings and have little to no laws that protect them. Even though many of us may laugh at cute animal videos or find them adorable and loving, not everyone can afford to keep a pet. And while we may not want to acknowledge it, the reality is that many animals are mistreated a lot more than we can imagine. That is why Animal Shelters exist.

Did you know that around 8 million pets are given to animal shelters per year? Almost half of this number is made up by dogs and what’s even worse is that around a million dogs are put down every year.

Most animals that are euthanized are healthy and capable of receiving treatment but have to be put down as they didn’t get adopted on time. If you’re one of those people who empathise with and love animals, you’ll understand why this needs to change. So, how can we make a difference and support them?

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Ways You Can Help

Even though shelters exist to protect these vulnerable animals and give them a home, they still need our help and support to survive. This is because they usually do not have the resources to house and protect a large number of animals for a longer time. Especially if it’s a non-profit organization. There are many charities for animal cruelty and you can help in many ways.

1. Make a financial donation

As stated before, most of these charities can benefit a lot from our help. This is because they’re not usually supported by larger organizations and have limited funds. They need financial help to keep these shelters running and in a good state. If you opt to make a donation, whether small or big, it would end up making a huge difference.

2. Do some volunteer work

Animals need to be taken care of and most shelters are always looking for people to sign up as volunteers. This could range from helping with cleaning up to feeding some animals or taking care of newborn babies. Moreover, you can even help with office work or run small errands for the charity. Whatever it is you decide to help with, it will definitely be a great help.

3. Donate supplies

Donating funds is great but donating supplies is also a great option. Most animal shelters always have a wish list that is available for the public. You can call them up and ask what they need and a representative would be sure to answer any queries.  However, the basics include blankets and bedding, cleaning supplies, unopened pet food, collars, and medicine.

4. Adopt and give a helpless animal a home

If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet, think about adopting one from an animal shelter instead of a pet store. You may even be surprised as they might have the perfect one for you! These animals need a home more than anything and someone who loves and protects them. Just because they’re rescues from a shelter doesn’t make them any less deserving of love and you can provide them that love. You can even encourage other people to adopt and find these deserving animals a permanent home.

We hope this article provided you with useful insight about helping animal charities and will help you make the right choice. Good luck!

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