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Which two microscopes generate three-dimensional images

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Which two microscopes generate three-dimensional images ?


Which of the two microscopes below can generate three-dimensional images? SEM (scanning electron microscopy) and STM (scanning tunnelling microscope) are abbreviations for scanning electron microscopy and scanning tunnelling microscope, respectively. SEM (scanning electron microscope) and TEM (thermal electron microscope) are two types of electron microscopes (transmission electron microscope) Two types of microscopes are a scanning tunnelling microscope and a transmission electron microscope. The two types of microscopes are compound light microscopes and scanning electron microscopes.

The correct answer is

An electron enhancing point of convergence channel and a burrowing intensifying point of convergence take a gander at are the right responses.

The SEM is a kind of electron enhancing instrument that utilizes a focussed electron support highlight channel the outside layer of a manual for make three-layered pictures. The electrons of the particles in the model produce various signs, remembering data for the model’s creation and geology.

STM tends to taking a gander at the surfaces of three-layered pictures at the nuclear level with a gadget called a checking burrowing enhancing instrument. For this current situation, a reaction with a meaning of 0.01 nm and an equivalent target of 0.1 nm is enough considered

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