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Which is the best tattoo machine for beginners?

best tattoo pen machine for beginners
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The enormous change in approach to tattoos and the growing popularity of permanent body art means that many people are willing to pay money to go to the tattoo shop and get ink and move “tattoos” from fringe work to potentially lucrative ones. career opportunity.

Many artists have decided to take off the tattoo machine and start scratching, but the transition can be scary: what machine to buy and what ink to use and which needles are best … Read for more information

best tattoo pen machine for beginners

Continue reading for a selection of tattoo kits for beginners, starting machines, and information that will provide new artists with a practical guide to the best tools and equipment needed to become a recognized professional tattoo artist.

The best tattoo machines

1. Dragonhawk Mast Pen

The interesting development of tattoo machine manufacturers took the form of a real pen and proceeded to the construction of their machine. Dragonhawk Mast Pen is one of these machines. This complex machine, made by one of the most trusted names in the tattoo machine industry, will not disappoint.

Some people feel that the similarity of shape makes it a tattoo machine for beginners who have more experience with pen and ink.

A rotary machine that gives new artists a much more versatile machine tool than the special settings commonly used on rewinders: The Mast Pen can be used for line, shading, or colorwork.

The case is made of medical aluminum, which makes it even more durable despite its low weight, and the variable motor has a range of 6-9 volts, which gives the artist a higher level of control while remaining strangely quiet. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the Mast Pen is the price and the fact that it can be ordered as a tattoo kit for beginners. The new tattoo machine will receive a Mast Pen, a power supply with a foot pedal, a clip cord and related cables, 20 needle magazines, and a carrying case.

While this machine may not be a professional choice for many hours, it’s a great starter kit for anyone interested in getting started.

Directly to FK Irons Spectra 2

This is a machine that has reached the top of many lists of the most advanced/professional tattoo machines and for good reason. First, it’s a rotary tattoo gun, which means it’s perfectly capable of creating shade and lining, making it a great choice for a new tattoo. The 4.5-watt motor can actually be set from 4 watts up to 9.5 watts, providing all the torque and speed the artist needs.

Direct 2, made in the USA, is made of anodized aviation aluminum, which ensures durability; plus there is a 1-year warranty. Apart from hygienic procedures, there is virtually no direct maintenance: a closed engine system means that lubrication is no longer necessary.

This machine will work with a number of different settings and can be used with all standard needle and cartridge configurations. Interchangeable lift covers make this simple machine even more versatile; Direct can be used for coloring, such as shades and working with lines.

The lightweight (Direkt weighs only 2.85 ounces) and the ergonomic handle mean that even the latest artists do not suffer from the wrists and wrists that are often associated with tattoos.

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