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Which colors are best for Bedroom curtains?

which colors are best for bedroom curtains
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Many color schemes include shades of blue, green, and red, and these can all be interpreted as neutral or pastel tones. Some homeowners, however, choose a more vibrant color, such as orange, to evoke a vibrant mood. Depending on the bedroom’s color scheme, curtains should be selected accordingly.  

Select Different Colors For Bedroom Curtains

The best way to choose the correct color scheme is to create a mood board, which can be done either physically on a poster board or digitally with a website like Pinterest. Read on to learn more about some unique colors for bedroom curtains.

Neutral colors

When it comes to decorating a bedroom, neutral colors are an absolute must. This is because neutrals are so versatile and can work well with most colors. However, it can be a little challenging to incorporate neutrals into a room when there are already neutral walls. To help make the transition easier, consider using neutral curtains and other accessories. Here are some tips to help you achieve a fresh and modern look.

If you are unsure of what color palette to use, take a cue from these homes that use this style. The most notable home in this style is the townhouse of a Washington, D.C. executive. The owner, Darryl Carter, chose citrus-hued textiles and floor-length butter-yellow curtains. Another home with a similar color scheme is the house of a late French decorator, Nicholas Herbert, which uses Coromandel cotton.


Although the colors of pastels are typically associated with children’s rooms and bachelorette pads, they can be used in any room in the home. These colors are a great choice for adding a sophisticated, romantic feel. Pastel shades are available in almost every color and can be added to accent pillows and funky lamps. For more information on these shades, check out some of the many examples of their use in homes.

If you have a pastel-colored room, you can choose to match curtains, throw pillows, and upholstery with the walls. Pastel pink goes well with crisp white and pastel orange is a fun way to incorporate retro candy tones into your bedroom. Use a Tyrone curtain in a soft pastel pink color for a simple yet stylish way to bring pastels into your home. Also, you can mix the lighter shades of pink with candy-colored accents to create a whimsical, retro look.

Warm-gray walls

To add contrast to warm-gray walls, try curtains in bright or sunny yellow. These colors are complementary to grays and create a subtle contrast. Olive green curtains look great against gray walls, while mint green curtains are a striking contrast with gray walls. Avoid using large amounts of contrast, though; too much contrast is unsettling to the eyes. Instead, try pairing warm-gray walls with light shades of gray or cream.

Gray-colored walls complement light-colored curtains. Light-gray curtains will enhance the grayness of the walls, while darker gray drapes will add texture and warmth. For a bold, fun look, choose yellow curtains. Citrus or mustard yellow curtains work well with warm-gray walls. If you don’t like the bright, bold look of yellow curtains, opt for beige or brown drapes.

Orange is a bright color

Orange is a unique color that lies between red and yellow on the light spectrum. It has played an important role in aesthetics, particularly in painting. The meanings associated with colors are different in every culture, but orange is especially associated with emotional strength and overcoming despair. Regardless of the color scheme you choose, there are many shades of orange that will work well together. You can pair orange with any other vibrant color in your home decor scheme to create a harmonious look.

If you want to bring in a bold splash of color, consider using orange curtains. These curtains will add a fiery splash of color to a room with brown accents and tan walls. It is also a great color choice for a man’s room because orange complements blue. However, if your walls are a darker shade, you may want to go with a lighter shade of orange for the curtains.

Taupe is a soothing color

The shade of taupe is a mixture of beige and grey that works well in most interiors. This color is neutral and works well with a wide range of other colors, including white, light blue, and even black. There are two variations of taupe, a cool and a warm one. A cool shade of taupe works well in a contemporary or vintage home, and a warm shade works well in a more traditional or classic home.

When used in curtains, taupe is a great base color for any home. It is incredibly versatile and can work in a wide range of situations. It is also a great color to pair with other colors, including bold patterns. Try using taupe in a bedroom with mango-colored furniture, for example. You can use taupe as an accent color in your living room to add some drama, while also softening the mood.

Green is associated with healing

If you want to create a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom, green is the color you need. Green is associated with healing, growth, and regeneration. You can choose this color for any room in your home, including the bathroom. While green is soothing, too much of it can cause insomnia or moodiness. Fortunately, green is still a popular choice for curtains in a home. This is because it has calming effects and is a good choice for people with sensitive skin.

When selecting a color for bedroom curtains, you should keep the chakras in mind. Green is associated with the brain’s energy centers, called chakras. When you decorate with green, you can help lower blood pressure and promote a healthy heartbeat. It can also calm the mind and soothe agitation. While blue is often associated with the cerebral and nervous systems, it is also a great choice for curtains in a home.


These are some different and unique colors for bedroom curtains. Having these colors of curtains makes your home look more adorable. So, choose the one that is perfect for your bedroom style. 

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