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What should we eat?

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As an additional piece of advice, remember that we must allow a reasonable time to elapse between when we eat and go for a run (the more food we eat, the longer we need to wait). “For this reason, it is important to choose foods that are easy and quick to digest. In this sense, there is no universal advice valid for everyone, and each person must carry out tests with different foods to find out what suits them best”.

Some proposals are:

Low-fat fresh cheese + banana + coffee or tea (without sugar)

Egg white omelette + textured soy protein + watermelon + coffee or tea (without sugar).

Skyr + 1-2 dates/dried apricots + coffee or tea (without sugar).


The last option is to go for a run after breakfast. In this case, breakfast must be complete and varied to ensure that we have all the fuel we need for physical performance. “ In this case, we will need 1.5 to 2 hours to digest breakfast before going for a run ”, adds Gámez.

In these three options it is important to remember that you must always start the race well hydrated, since during the night we become slightly dehydrated. “Low levels of dehydration affect physical performance, so even if we 먹튀검증 we should drink water before going out for a run and avoid drinking all the water at once just before starting; the ideal is to drink little by little since we get up”.

What happens if we don’t leave the necessary time between breakfast and the race?

In these cases, the main drawback is that digestive discomfort appears that can cause heartburn , reflux , nausea, vomiting, etc. Furthermore, performance will also be compromised.

What should we eat?

There are many alternatives that can be adjusted to the needs and preferences of each broker. Gámez indicates that the combinations of fruit with foods that provide protein (fresh skimmed cheeses, egg whites, nuts and grains, etc.) and limited amounts of foods concentrated in carbohydrates are good options.

Regarding foods rich in carbohydrates, it is advisable to prioritize those that are slowly absorbed. The reason is that they help us maintain sustained energy levels for several hours. “ Oatmeal is an excellent option in this regard.

What foods should we avoid eating?

Among those that should be excluded at breakfast are:


Those products that have excess oil, butter and lard, cocoa or cheese spreads or pastries, among others.

Foods rich in added sugars, as well as sugar from honey, juices, sweets, jams, sugary shakes, sugary and refined cereals, etc.

Finally, he adds that the fiber intake can vary according to the tolerance of each athlete. ” Sometimes the fiber consumed before exercise can cause digestive discomfort.”

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