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What makes Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, the Greatest!

kashmir great lake trek
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Even though the Kashmir Great Lake was once honoured with the title Gateway to the Eden; one can still describe it.s great beauty. The Great Lake Trek in Kashmir is one of the best routes in Kashmir. Appreciating the rich and unique beauty that surpasses all other wonderful places in the world. However, compete with each other for the ‘Most Beautiful’ crown. The beauty of the places on this walkway is wordless and unbelievable. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this trip so special.

Feel the joy of hiking in the mountains near the POK Border

Aside from its excellent views, this trip to Kashmir also has an exciting part of the whole trail. What about walking near POK Border? Part of the trip, a trip along Pakistan Take Kashmir. Does it sound interesting or scary?  Its up to you.

Full of Clear Blue Lakes and Snow-Clad Peaks

There is one thing to remember about KGL – It is always about the journey, not the destination. Walk in the 6 grassy areas, marked with flowers and 7 different freshwater lakes in Kashmir. Giving competition to each other for their beauty.

Take a look at the Nanga Parbat- The Highest Face in the World


Translated as ‘naked mountain’, Nanga Parbat has the highest mountain face in the world. Also, it is the ninth highest mountain in the world. Nanga Parbat has a large vertical loop that makes the slope deadly. It’s fun,


A trip to Kashmir Great Lakes is also often shortened to the KGL. One of the most beautiful trips in the whole amazing world. Join us on a journey through vast swamps, glistening lakes, amazing landscapes, and much more.

How difficult is the journey to Kashmir Great Lakes?

The KGL is a relatively remote Himalayan trek. Travelling long distances every day is also stressful. At the same time, when you arrive at Gangabal Twin Lakes Camp, you will have a relaxing day. This is a welcome opportunity to relax before your long trip to Naranag. As a result, we measure 6.5 / 10 in body weight.


Travel distance

The 65-mile long trail has a few ups and downs (see the height profile graph above). Water sources/lakes are found at the bottom of mountains, and you will usually cross an embankment or hill, such as Gadsar or Satsar, before descending to the next valley and lake.


As you climb a mountain trail, you must eventually descend. Almost all altitude loss on a KGL trip occurs on the last day of mountain climbing, i.e. your descent on foot occurs on the last day of the trip. It is noteworthy that the drop of more than 1000 m / 3300 ft occurs over a distance of 11 km. Use sticks and caps on your knees, especially if you have or suspect that you have a knee injury or injury.

Kashmir Great Lakes is a moderate hiking trail which means it requires more energy and endurance than a simple level hike. It is recommended that you first acquire the knowledge of walking to a height of more than 3000 meters, and then climb one level with this trek. However, if you are just starting out but are committed to preparing, you need at least 2-3 months to prepare physically and mentally for this journey. For details on the difficulty level of the trip

Who can go

The first time calculator can work, you should be interested in hiking and mountaineering.

The climber must be in good condition and strong enough to cover a distance of 5 km in 30 minutes without pressure.

The climber should be able to carry a weight of 10-15 kg.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, and epilepsy cannot be reversed in this work. The climber should not have the conditions mentioned above.



Kashmir great lakes are one of the most beautiful places to visit in India and a mesmerizing experience. You should at least visit here once in your lifetime.

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