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What is vitamin D poisoning

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What is vitamin D poisoning.The most common cause of poisoning is when pets consume rodenticides (rat and poisons for mice) that contain cholecalciferol, or other supplements containing either type of Vitamin D. Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) is a lot safer and has a larger margin of safety over Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and higher quantities are typically more palatable by animals.

Some topical psoriasis medicines contain high levels of Vitamin D (i.e. Calcipotriene or calcitriol, also known as tacalcitol or calc) and poisoning can happen when pets take the cream off of someone’s skin or directly from the tube of the product. How Long Do Birds Live  Foods that are not properly formulated for pets that are commercially manufactured as well as homemade, have led to poisoning?

What are the warning signs of vitamin D deficiency

The signs of vitamin D poisoning generally begin 12 to 36 hours following the intake. The severity of symptoms varies on the amount of Vitamin D ingested. Diarrhea, vomiting, more drinking and depression, abdominal pain and a lack of appetite are usually observed with lower doses. Higher doses can result in elevated concentrations of calcium and phosphorous levels in the body which could cause kidney failure.

Alongside the symptoms that are listed above, severe poisoning could also trigger an increased respiratory rate, breathing difficulty as well as bleeding from the intestines and bowels, a slower heart rate, irregular heart rhythms, as well as the mineralization of tissues in the body. If treatment is not taken care of it is possible to die.

What is the process for vitamin D poisoning to be diagnosed

The majority of instances that involve Vitamin D poisoning are found in animals that exhibit the typical signs and probable or known exposure to Vitamin D supplements, poisons of rats or mice, or psoriasis treatment. The results of blood tests that show an increase in calcium levels and phosphorous as well as markers of kidney damage can increase the possibility of the presence of vitamin D.

A urine sample can be tested to determine kidney function. In some instances, special tests to rule out any other reasons for elevated calcium could be needed.

How can Vitamin D poisoning manage

Like any poisoning situation, early treatment is the best way to ensure to fully recover. In the event that your pet has consumed Vitamin D-rich supplements or medicines or rat/mouse poisons, you should contact your vet and/or Pet Poison Helpline, a 24/7 poison control for animals toll-free at 1-800-213-6680.

The kind of treatment required will depend on the amount consumed and the time from when it was consumed. Decontamination and treatment early can reduce the chance of serious toxicity. If ingestion occurs within a couple of hours after treatment, the vet could cause vomiting. After vomiting has been controlled the activated charcoal can be given. It can reduce the absorption rate of Vitamin D from the gastrointestinal tract. Activated charcoal should be handled by a vet. In the absence of this, aspiration into the lung and potentially life-threatening changes in blood sodium levels could occur.

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What kind of care is needed following treatment

The effects of vitamin D deficiency can last for weeks or even months. Monitoring blood levels for calcium, phosphorous, as well as kidney function is usually advised the following discharge from the hospital. If an increase in calcium or phosphorous levels, or kidney function is observed the monitoring should be carried out for several weeks. Crested Birds

Certain dogs may require medical treatment in a hospital because calcium levels could increase after the initial treatment. The damage to the kidney can happen when dogs develop high levels of calcium. They could require long-term treatment of kidney disease. This includes blood test monitoring and treatment with fluids, anti-nausea medicines and medications to manage blood pressure, and anti-acids.

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