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What is the importance of Voice translation app development?

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In a fast changing and ever evolving world, communication is the foundation upon which modern civilization is built. With innovations in the field of communication happening on a daily basis, there is no place for barriers in communication on the basis of difference in language or the written word. This is where the role of voice translation tools come in. Voice translation apps are the link in the chain of communication that connects people from all over the world sans the barrier of language. With voice translation apps gaining momentum, the business prospects should not be left untapped. In this article let us explore the importance of voice translation app development.

How does a voice translation app work?

Voice translation apps essentially include an automatic speech recognition software, a machine translation and a voice synthesis, working in synergy to provide users the ability to convert their spoken language to that of another, without missing the meaning or essence of what is being said. The automatic speech recognition will detect the language being spoken and with the help of machine translation technology, it will translate the spoken language to the desired language. Finally, the voice synthesis function will help to convey the same, enabling the user to communicate without hassles. Some of the voice translation apps would also be integrated with a text based translation function as well, making it more accessible and easy to use catering to the different preferences of people.

Features of voice translation apps

Any standard voice translation app would have the following features:

Sign up

The basic feature or requirement using a voice translation app would be to register or sign up on it with the help of your email ID. This helps in importing your user profile from social media platforms, verifying the authenticity of the users credentials and saving voice translation transcripts for future reference, if any.

Voice/Speak element

This is the most important feature of any voice translation app. Without a voice or speak element, you would not be able to convey your message properly for the application to read and process.

Language/ Dialect

Another important feature of a voice translation app would be the language section which would include languages and even dialects spoken by people from different parts of the world. Only with a huge database of languages and/or dialects can a voice translation app function in its best possible way.

Text or chatbox

A voice translation app requires text or chat box features as well to simplify the process of translating the message. This feature will aid users in understanding the translation better as well as adjust and modify the translation process as per the preferences of the user.

Access to files on the phone

Most applications require the user to enable access to files on the phone. A voice translation app would also have an access to files feature so as to get access to the files stored on the mobile device.

Feedback or review

A feedback or review feature needs to be embedded in the voice translation app so that users can provide feedback on the user friendliness and user experience. Having the feedback feature would also be a positive element and can boost the popularity of your voice translation app. This feedback feature can be linked to your email ID to obtain detailed feedback reports as well. Help feature would also help users to avail redressal of their queries as and when required.

Discounts or coupons

Discounts or promo coupons is an attractive features on voice translation apps. People can make use of attractive discounts and offers to make additional purchases or add ons to the app to avail better features.

If you are thinking of developing a voice translation app, make sure you incorporate all the aforementioned features so as to get a well rounded app that can cater to the different needs of different users. Make sure your app stays above the rest by partnering with one of the leading app developers in Kochi. Our expertise and experience in the field of app development can be beneficial for your voice translation app development needs. Connect with us today, to avail the best voice translation app development services.

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