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 What is Neurodiversity

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Neurodiversity is the concept that describes the notion that every individual thinks and perceives the world around him differently. So we can distinguish them according to their way of thinking. 

It is usually use in the perspective of neuro-spectrum disorder. Data issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells that one out of every 54 kids  diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. And this ratio symbolizes a substantial amount of children that are adolescents. Psychiatrists cleveland clinic is the best clinic in town.

Difference between Neuorodiverse and Neurotypical 

A  neurotypical individual is a person that possesses good socializing skills. They face no sensory issues, they have the ability to adapt to the change. 

While the neurodiverse is a person that possesses various neurological differences such as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Autism disorder and Autism.

Neurodiversity at workplace

People who are neurodiverse are facing difficulty in adjusting to their workplace. By smaller adjustments at any workplace can create a huge impact in accommodating the neurodiverse employee. 

Here are some ways which are helpful to embrace the neurodiverse person at the workplace. There should be a general understanding among the people at the workplace about the neurodiverse people. 

Give them an environment from where they can effectively express their abilities at full potential. Moreover, there should be an environment in which it can openly talk to any person about its concerns and share its thoughts.

 For that purpose, there should be a general awareness among all the individuals at the workplace that you can upskill your employees by DIY training. 

While recruiting you need to make sure that you find ways to reduce the anxiety level as much as possible. As anxiety is a common feeling faced by neurodiverse people during the interview.  

Make sure to offer small adjustments at the workspace like allowing the modification in the usual dress code, allowing flexibility in the working schedule and sitting arrangements. 

Utilize clear communication language, avoid sarcasm. Give them the confidence to talk to any person and support them and make sure that all other employees are aware of the special treatment it requires. 

Neurodiversity at Educational Institutes 

It has been seen that there is a shift in the educational institutes towards the term neurodiversity rather than an abnormality. Children who are neurodiverse can face bullying by their fellows. Which leads to low academic performances and an increasing level of anxiety. Also Check anxiety treatment cleveland for anxiety best treatment.

Neurodiversity is essential to incorporate in an educational institute as it is the foundation of learning behavior and understanding the nature of different behaviors and how to respond to them adequately. 

Here are some reasons which highlight the importance of neurodiversity in our educational institutions. 

It has been seen that higher expectations with the children lead to higher achievement. It is advisable to the teachers that the neurodiverse child needs special attention. By giving them proper attention you can get excellent results. 

The idea of having a neurodiverse child in a class full of neurotypical children is something to focus on. In that way, the child can learn and adopt different sets of skills and diversity in communication and the conventional thoughts by the teachers that adding a neurodiverse child can further increase the burden on them. While they ignore the fact that these inclusions lead to greater diversity. 

There are many programs at the institutions that promote diversity like cultural diversity or language diversity. These programs designed to make an awareness among the general population. And to promote the importance of these aspects in our everyday life. 

Similarly, there should be a deep emphasis on the inclusion of neurodiversity should be includ as the class lesson and be a part of the policies of the institutions to create awareness at a greater level. 


The stigma faced by neurodivergent people should be ended now. There should be a firm emphasis on making awareness campaigns among the general population. All these awareness campaigns can help to change the perception among people about neurodiversity. 

There is a movement called the neurodiversity movement that supports the diversity of the people whose brain works differently. Generally, we need more movements like that at a higher level to promote diversity to help the individual. Whose brain works differently. 

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