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What is HEV? Know More About Hybrid Vehicle Training Courses

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HEV, or a hybrid electric vehicle, is a modern category of vehicle which has been proven to be sustainable development in the field of vehicles. Basically, HEVs use both electricity and petroleum-based fuel like gasoline and diesel. The vehicle uses both an electric engine and a conventional internal combustion engine to operate. The hybrid engine works efficiently and gives better performance. Hybrid engines have brought a new revolution to modern-day vehicles. It is believed to be the solution to rising fuel prices and decreasing natural fuels.

Generally, there are three types of hybrid electric vehicle engines. These are series hybrids, parallel hybrids and series-parallel hybrids. These engines provide auto-start and auto-shutdown so that no energy is wasted when the vehicle is unnecessarily started. These vehicles also have a regenerative braking system which channels the energy into the electric motor to be used later. The electric motor is comparatively smaller and works efficiently on high inclines.

The motor conserves more oil and has a very low contribution towards pollution. It emits less amount of carbon and is purchased as an eco-friendly vehicle.

Overview of Hybrid Vehicle Training Courses

Hybrid vehicle training courses are known for providing students with all the essential concepts relating to the designing of an electric and internal combustion engine. Proficient guides guide the students in developing and manufacturing a hybrid engine. The students also get experience using various effective car designing software like MATLAB, CATIA, ANSA, Hypermesh, and Solidworks. 

The hybrid vehicle training process provides multiple specialisation courses like computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, car engine designing and HEV design. By joining these courses, a student can have a thorough knowledge of hybrid electric vehicles and the specialised domain. They will get a chance to use their creativity and intelligence to develop a more sustainable solution for fossil fuels. 


The Post Graduate syllabus of the hybrid vehicle training course consists of 11 essential topics that will ensure complete knowledge of HEV and its mechanism. You will get a chance to learn about various cars and the fundamentals of their design and development. The students will be provided with a good amount of knowledge on Finite element analysis and aerodynamics of automobiles.

The detailed syllabus of the course contains some major courses like Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Electric Vehicles Architecture Design, Electric Vehicles Charging Station, Motor Torque Calculations for Electric Vehicles and Electric Drive and Controller.

Some other courses included in the syllabus are Control Unit, Electric Propulsion Unit, Hybrid Electric Drivetrains, Electric Drivetrains, Energy Storage, Energy Storage Solutions (ESS), Energy Management Strategies, Indian and Global Scenario, Battery Management System (BMS), Energy Management System (EMS), Sizing the Drive System, Conventional Vehicles and detailed case studies.


Enrolling on these car design courses can open a wide range of scope for you. The growing GDP for Hybrid Electric Vehicles is constantly rising. It is a rapidly growing industry which is on trend in India and other countries.

There are various engineering job opportunities like Overall Vehicle Development Engineer, Hybrid Powertrain Engineer, Design Manager, BMS Frontline Engineer, Mobile Hybrid PSV Engineer and Motor Design Engineer. By pursuing these careers, you can easily earn an average of  8 to 12 lakhs per annum.

If you want to get higher education in this field, you can study subjects like Mobility Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering and Power Electronics.


Hybrid electric vehicles are considered great inventions for their contribution to energy conservation. In the constantly polluting world, these types of training courses can help to grow new standards and develop more improved engines to perform efficiently with safer fuels. The developing and manufacturing industry of hybrid electric vehicles is a rapidly growing industry of its demand and necessity. So follow the article and make your way into these training courses.

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