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What is covered football?

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The general training of athletes plays an important role, including not only all the methods that effectively guarantee the full development of the body, but also a set of goals aimed at the ultimate goal of sporting activity: preparation for life.

    The game allows us to get to know each other,

Talk together and let’s get better. His actions discipline us, correct us, and set us free. In addition, I would say that flag football, as a “sport for all”, offers the opportunity to develop the physical, mental, social and emotional aspects of people of all ages, regardless of weight, height, race, gender) thus facilitating therapist integration.

Finally, recognize the importance of children starting at a very young age. Flag football is a good example of helping us achieve the training goal from a very young age.

    Flag football is a type of American football, also known as a football scarf.

This game can be played by anyone. From run, run and get; and based on intellect and strategy, as well as physical ability. This game is introduced without the protection of the players like helmet and armor because there are no blocks or tacks in this game, just fun, only two scarves are needed on both sides of the waist, court, ball of each player and the three of the players. . Referee.

In the NFL flag game, teams of 5 players go to pass and run with the ball on the field and try to progress. The team with the ball is called the attacker and the team without the ball is called the defense. The latter attempts to block the offensive movement by tearing the ball flag from the player holding the ball.

Adults don’t play this sport, but the rules can be tailored for fans who want to start flag football from scratch. There are some basic rules that transform the essence of American 스포츠중계 into a way of playing that reinforces an easy start.

Stains are allowed, but must be plastic.

 Checks must be made before playing.

The official uniform of the tournament must be worn during the match.

Scarves or hats, as well as rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, etc. are prohibited.

Number of players

The team consists of 6 players (5 on the pitch and one alternate). These rules may vary according to the rules of each contest. Can play with 4 limited players (due to injury).

Playground terrain

The playing field is 60 yards (54 feet) long and 30 yards (27 feet) wide. The end of the pitch has two end zones, with a maximum depth of 10 yards (9 meters) and a minimum of 7 yards (6.3 meters each). Outflow zones are within 5 meters (4.5 meters) of each end zone.

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