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What do i have for breakfast on saturday?

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Breakfast is very important on the day of the race, remember to respect the rule of three hours of digestion , so you should have breakfast at least two or three hours before practicing a sport.

What you should never do is have something different for breakfast than every day , so start 메이저사이트 this breakfast at least 15 days or a month before the race, to get your intestine used to morning digestion.

The ideal breakfast should combine carbohydrates with protein, and the usual thing is to have orange juice, yogurt with muesli-type cereals, natural fruit and some nuts. You can have tea with honey or coffee and it is convenient that you start drinking one or two glasses of water.


Caffeine is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is a stimulant that in moderate doses helps to obtain more energy for movement, although it is not clear if it acts only on the nervous system or also intervenes in energy metabolism. On the other hand, it is a diuretic that can accelerate dehydration and worsen sports performance. The best advice is not to abuse caffeine, if you are used to having a coffee for breakfast, you can drink it, as long as you can go to the bathroom before the race.


For an average ultra marathon runner, preparing your energy stores is vital to reaching the finish line. It is estimated that three or four hours before the race, take a meal of 500 to 1,000 calories in the form of slow assimilation carbohydrates (whole grains, potatoes, rice, pasta, etc.).

Infusions with honey and fruit are your allies to keep your stomach occupied and without difficult digestion during the time that passes between the meal and the race. If hunger overwhelms you, do not try new foods, take raisins or nuts in small quantities and energy drinks that you know to avoid intestinal discomfort that can appear due to the nerves to face the marathon, which is not an easy test.


In ultra marathon, the key to finishing the race, whatever your goal, is hydration. The first to arrive do not forgive any provisioning in the race. Take advantage of the water points, generally every 5 km, to drink water, in small sips. As in the half-marathon, it is recommended to drink half a glass of water or isotonic drink every 15 minutes and recharge 100 calories every half hour. our can stop and drink more calmly or take the small bottle in hand and drink on the go. I insist, drinking in the marathon ensures you don’t give up, record it in your memory. Some studies recommend replacing carbohydrates every 10 km, although some marathon runners finish well without it. If your friends and family are going to see you, you can leave them energy drinks with fast assimilation carbohydrates in case you need them after the half-marathon. If you don’t have help, you can carry energy bars or gels, fresh fruit or raisins in a pocket to avoid hypoglycemia in the race.

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