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What Do Flea Eggs Look Like and How Do You Get Rid of Them

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The mere mention of “flea” can leave people itchy, and that’s not surprising. One tiny flea can quickly turn into a flurry of fleas, which lay countless small flea eggs on our dogs and cats.It is vital to catch fleas in the early stages to halt a plague of fleas. In order to keep a plague of fleas under control, it’s crucial to fight fleas at each stage as well as focusing on eggs of fleas. Here are some helpful tips for identifying the eggs of fleas on your pet and ways to eliminate them to ensure that your pet is free of any pests.

What are Flea Eggs Like

While adult fleas are easily identified easy, eggs of fleas may be a bit more difficult to spot. Indiana Birds Flea eggs are almost microscopic–typically about 0.5 millimeters in length and about half as wide. This is about the size of one grains of salt.

The eggs of the Flea are characterized by a soft shell, referred to as”chorion. “chorion” which has an off-white coloring like salt grains, but they’re more oval in form.Since eggs from fleas can be misinterpreted as the dry, flaky skin of sand, they’re often far from the very first sign pet owners are aware of if their pet has problems with fleas. The presence of flea dirt or fleas on their pet or within your home are the most obvious indicators of a flea infestation.

If you’re trying to distinguish the difference between a flea egg and something else, try placing the egg on a dark piece paper and then use a magnifying lens to determine the distinctive oval shape of a flea’s egg.

Flea Eggs Vs. Flea Dirt

Many people make the mistake of thinking that ” flea dirt,” or flea feces as flea eggs, but both are indicators of a problem with fleas.As opposed to eggs from fleas the flea dirt is dry and brittle. You can tell if it is flea dirt by placing couple of specks of it on the white paper, and then adding a few drops of water. If you observe red, which is a sign of the presence of blood that has been digested, you’re working with flea dust.

The flea’s dirt isn’t dangerous and is easy to clean away with a bath. The downside is that it’s a sure sign of an issue, meaning that your pet is going to require more than an easy bath to take care of the more serious issue.

What Does Flea Larvae Look Like

The larvae of fleas that hatch from eggs of fleas are off-white in hue and appear like tiny worms ranging from 2 to 5 millimeters in size. It is possible to not spot them but they are quick to burrow in grass, cracks, and carpets.

How to get rid of Flea Eggs

At any given moment the number of eggs laid by fleas is more than half of the population of fleas, so it is natural to tackle them swiftly and efficiently. But, eliminating eggs from fleas should be a component of a multi-pronged strategy to eliminate a problem with a flea.

Treating pets to kill Flea Eggs

The most modern flea treatment options for pets have ingredients that kill adult fleas. They are also containing insect growth regulators (IGRs) that prevent the eggs of fleas from developing into adults. Certain IGRs are also used to sterilize female fleas so that they aren’t able to produce viable eggs.

Discuss with your veterinarian to figure out what treatment is best to kill flea eggs on pets or cats. They can assist you in choosing the best treatment to use on your dog.

Solutions to Eliminating Flea Eggs at Home

Foggers can be used to kill eggs laid by fleas (and numerous other pests). It is suggested to use foggers along with sprays and other products that are able to be used under furniture where foggers aren’t able to reach.

Many pet owners prefer to utilize an insect growth regulator in order to stop fleas from forming. Sprays that contain IGR such as Sentry Home’s house insecticide for ticks and fleas on pets can be very effective in eliminating flea eggs from your home.

Vacuuming and cleaning to Get Free of Fleas

Another method of getting rid of the eggs of fleas within the home is to clean it thoroughly. Grey German Shepherd Flea eggs don’t stick therefore when adult fleas tend to lay eggs on their host the eggs are soon swept out into the surrounding.

Vacuuming kills non-adult and adult fleas (eggs larvae, eggs, pupae) and you don’t have to think about what you do with the vacuum bag or the canister. In the past it was believed that fleas could remain within the vacuum and eventually enter the air, but this is actually not the case.

It is possible to remove between 32 and 90 percent of the eggs that fleas lay on your carpet (depending on the kind of rug) by simply vacuuming your carpet every each day and treating your infestation with fleas. Vacuuming is an excellent option even if you do not have carpet. For hard surfaces such as tile or hardwood floors Vacuuming can remove eggs of fleas from cracks that are difficult to reach.

Vacuuming also lifts up carpet

fibers to make processes for the environment work better.Steam cleaning and mopping can assist in eliminating flea eggs. Washing bedding, linens, and pet bedding in the washer with an extremely hot setting is advised.

If you can, clean your home so it’s easier to keep clean and you’ll have less places where eggs of fleas can hide.It is essential that your control program targets fleas in all of their stages in life including eggs laid by fleas. Utilizing a variety of types of protection will help you cover any weaknesses in your strategy.

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