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What are the advantages of remote access software for remote work?

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As a way of centrally managing a distributed network of devices, remote access technology supports a better and more fluid and flexible working environment.

A secure remote access strategy works to a competitive 24/7, real-time working culture, and great of all the technological advancements in the workplace, businesses have now the freedom to acquire the best talent worldwide, remove silos and promote collaboration between locations, offices and even teams.

Conventionally, remote access was deployed as a tool only for IT and administration support. 

Currently, this perception poses a challenge with the many opportunities this technology brings to an organization. The whole idea of this shift was built on the enhanced access to company resources provided by a remote connection solution. 

In this article, we discuss the most common flexible working benefits that the remote access strategy can support.

What are the benefits of remote access strategy?

The following are a few of the benefits of remote access strategy:

  • IT support from any location

If users struggle with specific IT issues, even while working away from the office, the support staff may easily log in remotely and help them. And now, this has made working from home as efficient and interruption-free as possible. It also borders the need for on-site support, allowing IT teams to work more productively.

  • Better talent acquisition

With the help of a remote access strategy and flexible working initiatives, businesses can procure high quality talent worldwide. Location is no longer a restricting factor to employ the best talent acquisition. This way the leaders can employ the best-fitted person for the job, regardless of location, giving remote teams access to all centrally held IT resources, as well as any support that they may require.

  • A more productive workforce

It’s amazing what eliminating or reducing a commute can do for productivity: the stuffy public transport, the traffic pile-up, the delayed train – all these factors impact on the stress and happiness levels of a workforce. Therefore, without the need for regular commute, employees can enjoy a more stress-free start to their day, leading to a more engaged, focused, and motivated workforce.

  • Lower overhead costs

When employees are working remotely regularly, they are not making use of valuable desk space, equipment, stationery, and other amenities required by office-bound employees that can rack up business-running costs. Also, by propping a secure, accessible BYOD or Bring Your Own Device policy, a remote access strategy can help reduce the costs of supporting runaway device proliferation. Employees can make use of their own devices to access centrally controlled IT resources.

  • Business continuity planning

Business disorganizations may take many forms, from natural disasters to human-made problems such as transit strikes or power failures. There are innumerable scenarios that could mean employees are prevented from getting to the office – or even that the office is out of service.

An efficient remote access solution can alleviate many concerns related with lack of physical access to equipment essential for business operations.


Flexible working has proven to be beneficial to both businesses and employees, and it’s becoming increasingly popular around the globe. 

The business benefits of working from home take many forms like an increase in productivity and employee retention. A remote access strategy can be made accordingly to suit the flexible working needs of any size or type of business.

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