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What Are the Advantages of Installing Roman Shades?

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Roman shades are one of the most popular window treatment options used in households over the years because of offering a clean and streamlined appearance. Basically, roman shades including custom blackout roman shades in Pacific Palisades are a simple form of window coverings that can be easily lowered and raised using the cord system on the back of the fabric.


There are two main styles of roman shades we have nowadays- one is flat roman shades, and the next one is soft fold roman shades. Flat-shaped roman shades are designed with a continuous piece of fabric that hangs flat against the window. They feature horizontal fabric panels equipped with study bars to reinforce the shades. If you love patterns, then flat roman shades are right for you.

On the other hand, soft fold roman shades feature the fabric cascades that give ripping effects all the way down the window. You find loose folds in both raised and lowered positions. They create an informal look and give an airy feel, and this is why they continue to be one of the most liked decorative styles.

Following are the various advantages of roman shades;

  • Roman shades are versatile– The best thing about roman shades is they go with almost every room type, whether it is your living room or bedroom. You get a range of color and fabric options in roman shades, which allow you to choose to create a look that complements your home décor.
  • Roman shades are energy-efficient– When compared with other window treatments, the roman shades are better at light control. You can either let sunlight in or entirely block it to keep the indoor temperature ideal. To make the roman shades more insulated, you can choose roman shades with thermal acrylic foam that helps to keep the interior cool in summers while warm in winters. Still, if you want a more energy-efficient window treatment, then the custom blackout roman shades in Pacific Palisades are the way to go.
  • Ideal for the tight spaces– Roman shades are the ideal option for the places with narrow spare spaces or have furniture placed closer to the window area.
  • They are easy to operate– If you choose motorized roman shades, you can rest assured that your kids and pets are safer at home. Motorized roman shades do not have cords. And this makes the roman shades one of the safest window treatment options. Since they can be operated using remote control from a distance, you don’t have to get up to open and close the roman shades.
  • Reduces fading– Everything at your home tends to fade over time, from drapery to furniture. And if not cared, they tend to damage. Regular exposure to sunlight and frequent touch can fade your decorative items. Even carpets and walls tend to fade away over time. With roman shades in place, you can adjust the amount of light coming through the window, reducing fading.
  • They come in a range of design options– Roman shades are available with an assortment of design options. And with each design option, you can give your interior a unique look and feel. Some popular design options include borders, piping, fabric combination, and shaped fasciae.

Why choose custom roman shades?

Roman shades will look at their best and complement your space perfectly when going with the custom options, even when it is a custom blackout roman shades Pacific Palisades. Going with the custom option gives you access to a range of designs, styles, and colors, allowing you to choose what works best according to your home décor. Plus, the custom options ensure a perfect installation. The window treatment experts take a precise measurement and then buy the roman shades for your place.

The best thing about choosing window treatment experts is they give you a warranty for their window treatment services. If any issue occurs before the warranty period gets over, they will come to your place and fix the issues for you without charging anything extra from you. That’s why it is always recommended to approach the window treatment experts for selecting and installing the window treatment, whether it is roman shades or decorative roller shades for windows in Malibu.




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