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UV Absorber UV-360 and Hinderamine Light Stabilizer UV-928

Absorber UV-360
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INNO SPECIALTY CHEMICALS is UV Absorber UV-360 (cas 103597-45-1) manufacturer and Light Stabilizer UV-360 supplier in China, equivalent product is Tinuvin 360,contact us for more information.

When you need a broad UV absorption property for coating protection, you should try UV Absorber UV-360. Its high solubility and high temperature resistance make it the ideal choice for coatings that contain photosensitive materials. Its environmental durability makes it an excellent choice for high-performance coatings, including industrial and powder coatings. Hinderamine Light Stabilizer UV-928 help it maintain its absorption properties and increase its effectiveness.

A UVA absorber is a material that is used in coatings, printing, and packaging materials. It is a photosensitive, durable, non-toxic absorbent. The UV wavelength of a UV absorber varies depending on its polymer material. Among the polymers used in UV absorption, polyethylene has a wavelength of 300-320 nm, while vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymer has a wavelength of 322-364 nm.

Benzylidene-bis-malonate is another UV absorber. Its absorption capabilities are particularly strong in the low-wavelength range of the UV spectrum. Its long-term stability makes it an excellent stabilizer for polyester and polycarbonate. It also has anti-ray and anti-oxidant functions. Its low-wavelength absorption also enhances the stability of polypropylene.

Benzylidene-bis-malonate is a crystalline compound with a pronounced absorptivity in the lower ultraviolet range. It is also anti-oxidant and has a high thermal stability. It can be used for many applications, from coatings to hairsprays. It is widely used in sunfast products. So, how do you use UV-absorber UV-928?

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