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Using or wearing an amethyst stone is not safe

discover the formidable power of the amethyst stone
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Amethyst is one of the most appreciated minerals in lithotherapy with rose quartz. If it is true that its violet color seduces many, it is not a harmless stone.

Its violet color links it to the higher chakras and connects it very strongly to spirituality which explains its properties. However, it happens that some people do not support this mineral.

To find out more, a French geology researcher has written a comprehensive article on the geology of amethyst stone.

Discomfort with amethyst

discover the formidable power of the amethyst stone

This may be due to the rejection of the color. In this case, you simply do not wear it. Others will feel strongly unpleasant effects when wearing it (palpitations, pain that wakes up, unpleasant sensations, nausea…). In this second case, it is advisable to check that you have correctly purified and recharged your mineral.

Amethyst What to do ?

If, in spite of a correct purification and recharging, you still cannot bear to wear your amethyst, there are probably good reasons. It is because the energy of the stone reveals an energetic blockage that you are having difficulty dealing with on your own.

In this case, it may be a good thing to have an energy assessment, or to go see an energeticist to help you deal with this energy properly.

Natural does not mean harmless!

While many people consider that a stone can do no harm, I don’t necessarily agree. Just because a remedy is natural does not mean it is harmless. It’s like essential oils, badly used they can cause havoc.

For amethyst it is the same. While it is true that it connects to spiritual planes, it is necessary to have a good anchor in order to connect properly and safely to these planes.

This stone is therefore to be used with caution to prevent certain health risks.

Amethyst uses to avoid:

Spending your time wearing amethysts all the time, or having a large amethyst geode of more than 50 cm at home, can strongly unbalance your anchoring or even shift your aura or make it porous.

The effects felt

The effects of amethyst on your body are very strong and can be felt in the form of feelings that become exacerbated and difficult to bear, by a tendency to forget important appointments, to disperse and to go in all directions, to regularly lose your personal objects, or to have dizziness or ringing in your ears, etc…

What to do to calm the effect of the amethyst?

Obviously, if you experience these symptoms, the first thing to do is to stop wearing your stone, purify it, recharge it and store it in a quiet place. If the symptoms persist, I encourage you to go see your energeticist and your doctor.

In my practice, I regularly find that anchoring issues resolve when clients stop wearing certain types of minerals, including amethyst.

If you love this stone and find that you have an anchoring problem, stop wearing it for at least three weeks. Then you can wear it again, from time to time.


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