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Triple storage tray with black frame and 2.5 “wheels.

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Outdoor laundry

In addition to saving space, outdoor hanging hangers can save you the hassle of ironing your clothes. Often, if the shirt can be hung right out of the dryer, the creases should not be ironed. By installing an Overdoor clothesline in your laundry room, you can do this easily.

One of the great things about this hanger is that it can be hung over a door or mounted on any wall. You can cancel it even when not in use. He has enough space to hang ten shirts or other clothes. It is made of durable chrome and measures 1 x 6 x 16 “.

If you live in a house with only two or three people,

then the laundry is more likely to turn into a disastrous area. This triple storage basket is a great way to keep everyone’s laundry separate and well organized.

It has a strong steel frame with a wire base that keeps the bag away from the floor. The bag itself is portable and convenient for more than just your laundry. They can store your toys, exercise equipment, beach equipment or anything else you can imagine!

Above the iron plank door

An ironing board is another that is easy to set up because you use it a lot. But you can always have it with easy access, using the iron plate above the door. It hangs directly over the door or can be attached to the wall.

Not only can it accommodate an iron plate with a “T” frame, but it also has two side supports for bottles plus space in the middle to hold the iron. Keep your clothes clean and well organized by picking up some of them today!

For teenagers you can make a fabric that hangs with curls in the corner of the roof
  • The room looks beautiful. If installed correctly, it can also be used as a base
  • Organize food animals. Find colorful scarves in stores or
  • It can be stored indoors.
  • Young boys may have a T-shirt to remind them of the soccer team or Disneyland
  • Hang it on the wall. Classic T-shirt signed by all his friends for a
  • People I own. Attach a group photo to the side of your 셔츠룸 to highlight your face.
  • Pillows can be cheap. Use it as a bed or for your friends
  • Sit down. Sew your own pillow by cutting and sewing bubbles from old shirts
  • Together they use an old leaf as a background. Fill the pillow with cotton
  • If you don’t have old shirts, buy finished materials everywhere
  • Trade in sheets.


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