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Trending Pool Shade Ideas In Qatar (2022)

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Swimming in a pool can be a lot of fun. The upcoming summer is bound to show us the miracles owning a pool can do. While all this is true, the glory is great of having a pool, maintaining it is a whole different story. It comes as a great responsibility to keep the cool clean and appropriate for the pupil to swim. Here is where Pool shades become the hero. Swimming pool shades do an incredible job of keeping debris out and protecting against the scorching heat of the sun.

You don’t have to worry, covering up your luxurious pool with a pool shade would not keep it short from stylish looks. This 2022 is your year to own stylish pool shades that you can easily purchase from any company that provides pool shade installation in Qatar

Let’s take a look at some trending pool shade designs in Qatar below.

Pool Umbrellas 

For many years, umbrellas have provided shade for patios, yards, and even swimming pools. A range of models come with features such as adjustable canopy angles, heights, and more. Additionally, since they aren’t permanently anchored to the ground, you can easily move them around.

In the case of larger pools, you can either go for a larger canopy or place multiple umbrellas side-by-side to create an uninterrupted shade. Colours and patterns abound, as well.


In contrast to canopies, cantilevers rely on just a single support structure on one side. A canopy extends horizontally over the pool from these vertical support posts, providing shade for poolside guests and swimmers. Support posts are driven into the cement around the pool.

Retractable Enclosures

A retractable enclosure offers a good deal of flexibility and may be of interest to many homeowners. When retracted, these enclosures are formed by a series of arched trusses nesting into one another. The enclosure features retractable shades that provide as much or as little shade as homeowners desire at any time of day.

Shade Pergolas

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight solution such as a shade sail or a more permanent solution such as a pergola, you have a variety of options available to you. Use shade options made of the latest technology to get the best value and protection against harmful UV rays well into the future.

Free Standing Canopies

Free-standing fabric shade canopies are smaller versions of retractable fabric shade canopies. A commercial-grade aluminium frame holds a canopy that shades a specific area of the pool. It can be retracted to either side to create the desired shade angle.

Remote Controlled Canopies

Remote-controlled canopies feature automatic mechanisms that will undoubtedly please the tech-junkie in you. Furthermore, the shade doesn’t have to be retracted all the way; it can be stopped at any point to create a partial shade. This comes at an extra cost, but get great quality ones from 

The above are a few of the trending shades we suggest for 2022.

Things to look for in pool shades before installing

But before you adorn the trending shades, let’s consider some more things.

Size of pool

Shade comes in a variety of patterns, shapes, and sizes. Not all shades are appropriate for every situation. Rectangular shade sails, for example, are best suited to bigger areas, whilst triangular shade sails are better suited to smaller spaces. Always examine the size of the available area before deciding on the style of the shade you desire. To avoid the area being crowded and unpleasant, it is essential to examine the size of the area you intend to cover before purchasing shade.

Swimming pool installation company

You have the option of hiring a professional shade installation firm or purchasing a  kit. If you’ve previously used shade and are familiar with the processes, you might want to consider purchasing a DIY shade kit. However, if this is your first time working with shade, you should engage specialists to guarantee proper installation.

Purpose of installing pool shades

Shades are purchased for a variety of purposes. Some individuals install shade to create a safe sanctuary where they can enjoy the weather, but others may wish to create a comfortable outdoor place for holding parties. The purpose will determine the design and size of the shade. As a result, before you invest your money in the shade, you should be certain of its intended usage.

After reading this blog I am sure you know what and where to begin in your journey to owning pool shades. With so many pool design designs at your disposal, making a decision should be simple. While little ups and downs are nice, you don’t want to push it too far.

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