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Trending Latest News on Vinyl Me, Please

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Vinyl Me, Please has just announced a new pressing plant. The news includes a new subscription program, podcast series, and lenticular cover art. If you’re looking for the latest news on VMP, be sure to check out this list of the latest headlines. Trending Latest News on VMP News includes:

Vinyl Me, Please announces new pressing plant

Vinyl Me, Please is a Denver-based online subscription record service that is expanding with a new pressing plant. Located in the RiNo district, across from the Mission Ballroom, the new facility will be open in 2022. Upon opening, the facility will feature a lounge and bar, listening areas, and a full tour of the pressing process. Once complete, the facility will be a major destination for vinyl lovers in Denver.

The Denver-based company will also have the option to add plating capabilities to its pressing plant. The company is also planning to make its own stampers for records, which makes it one of the few all-in-one operations of its kind. Despite the growing demand for vinyl, the industry has struggled to keep up with the production pace. Vinyl Me, Please’s plant will help to improve the quality of the product and bring its price down while still keeping the high-end standards for vinyl.

New subscription program

The VMP News team has launched a new subscription program for members. Starting with one hand-picked record per month, the VMP has quickly expanded to four subscription programs, ranging from Essentials, which is the most popular, to Classics, which features jazz, blues, and soul records. More recently, Hip-Hop and Country have joined the lineup. The new subscription program is designed to keep subscribers informed about what is happening in the music world.

The new pressing plant is part of a bold statement about the future of the vinyl industry. It is an ambitious strategic move that seeks to cement VMP’s place as the leading subscription record service. As a result, the music industry is paying close attention. While most of the world is focusing its attention on the music industry’s future, vinyl’s future still remains uncertain. With the emergence of a new subscription service, the future of the industry is in question.

New podcast series

For fans of the Grateful Dead, a new podcast series on Vanshil parikh Blog is now available. The podcast series is hosted by VMP News staff members Andrew Winistorfer and Amileah Sutliff. Guests on this podcast include Dead archivist David Lemieux, author Buzz Poole, and others. The podcast is updated monthly, so stay tuned to the site for the latest updates.

The newest episode of the Locate International podcast, “People of Color Talk About Their Past,” is a rousing discussion between people of color who have experienced adversity. The show also features the stories of people who were reported missing a year ago. Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences, especially if they’ve been in a situation that resembles what happened to the victims.

New lenticular cover art

The latest Essentials feature is a stunning piece of lenticular cover art for The Soft Bulletin, a debut album from the Flaming Lips. The album was released in 1999, and the unique cover art features the band’s trippy aesthetic. The artwork was designed by Wayne Coyne and is exclusive to VMP. Read on to see the amazing new art. We’re impressed.

There are also a few pieces of motion lenticules on the CD itself, which interact with the cover art on the book. The cd tray is lenticular as well. The CD version was a 2-phase color field Lenticular framed by a die-cut slipcase. If you’re a music fan, you’ll appreciate the lenticular cover art on Hindi 18 News.

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