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Toto Site Verification

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The 사설토토 site verification procedure helps you to use a major site that is close to perfection with our own verification system and many years of know-how.

The member interface, betting system, game items, rules of use and the mind of the management are all evaluated from the user’s point of view.

Toto site, which has been fully verified, can be used safely without worrying about being eaten, and you can enjoy a fun Sports Toto.

Check both the running Toto server and domain history.

The unique IP of the domain and server that has been renewed is not changed.

Renewed sites or companies with a history of eating out in the past are excluded from the selection criteria.

In addition, companies whose operating period is less than 5 years are excluded from verification.

Sites with various betting types have a high probability of being a major site.

Companies that provide various types of games, such as real-time betting, Powerball, graph games, casinos, ladders, and live games, should think that their financial power is stable. If you look at the new start-ups, there aren’t that many types of betting games.

In order to find a safe Toto site, you should make good use of the eat-and-run verification community.

Most of the companies guaranteed by the eat-and-run verification community are safe playgrounds. However, in case of an accident, you should use it after checking whether it is a famous company in the eat-and-run verification community, family room, or Toto community, or a place where old verification know-how is accumulated.

Check your monthly recharges and exchanges, and determine your capital stock.

After receiving and reviewing deposit/withdrawal data from the Toto site administrator, if there is any tampering or suspicious part, the company will be excluded from the recommendation list.

In addition, after checking various banner advertisements and deposits on the guarantee site, we confirm that it is a large-scale company.

Security and personal information handling status

We carefully check whether there are any parts that are vulnerable to security, such as the security system and personal information handling status.

In particular, member personal information management is the most important factor.

Deposit/withdrawal speed is the most important verification factor.

A notice is posted on the site when there is a lot of money exchange due to days with a lot of regular dividend winnings and main event matches. In other words, there is a notification that the exchange is being delayed and that it will be processed sequentially. In general, except for this case, the exchange must be processed within 5 to 15 minutes in order to be a major site.

We check whether the site is convenient and safe for users to use on mobile and desktop.

We make sure that members can freely place bets without rules and restrictions.

Finally, after confirming the terms of use, the presence/absence of a deposit and the amount of the deposit, the verification process is completed.

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