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The Stats for Social Media Savvy Businesses

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The Stats for Social Media Savvy Businesses


Let’s face it, every second cousin’s (Buy Facebook followers uk)aunt is on social media today. Whatever you do or your age, the social world is much more than just viral videos and hashtags.

It’s an effective tool for communication. As the newspaper was once the most revolutionary primary source for news about news from the world, today’s digital social media makes the universe smaller.


Imagine that there are around. Three million users on Twitter, currently 400 million people on Instagram, and a staggering 1.59 billion users on Facebook. Any time you can broadcast messages to the entire population. You can also hear what the masses are saying.

It’s pretty powerful. But it also comes with responsibility. Utilizing your social media expertise isn’t something to play around with, particularly when you’re gaining more followers for your business image!


Our suggestion? Check out our most recent graphic, “Stats for Social Media-savvy Businesses.”


In all circumstances, be aware of what you’re into! Your Instagrams, Tweets, Page updates, or Pins will require more time than the content of your typical Facebook or Twitter Joe (or Joanne!). As a company, the only way to be successful in your social media game is by being strategically exact and handy. #businessgoals


Let’s continue to look at how these numbers could improve your social skills.

Internet and Technology Makes our Life Easy


Since the dawn of time (well, perhaps since the ice age, when the first caveman set an establishment in his cave, where he bartered with other Neanderthals to purchase clubs or tools), Retailers have been working on perfecting their sales strategies.

Brick and mortars specifically have met the challenge head into the digital world and have adjusted to meet the demands. The staggering 91% rate proves this. Digital has become the norm.


The lesson is that retail brands have followed the trends of their target market. Instead of fighting against it, they’ve changed. Understanding where, how, and when your market is on the internet will greatly aid your customer research.

Don’t be part of the fewer than 10% of those who don’t bother with the social media world. You may be missing out on getting to know your target customers. Click here rarity sniper 


Our top executives, whether they are consumers too. They’re probably taking their social media to the next level and are listening to what brands enjoy on the web exactly as we do.


If, for instance, your CEO schedules reservations at the brand new, 5-star restaurant in downtown Toronto Perhaps she asks executive assistants to help her hold the stretch limousine and look at the restaurant’s review on Yelp before making reservations. Maybe your VP will check his flight’s status on Twitter before boarding his first-class seat.


Whatever your management is doing – – and I’m aware that they’re not usually as high-minded as I’ve portrayed them to be, the fact is that they’re going to be social media listeners themselves.

So, if you’re ever having difficulty convincing them your company requires a boost to your social media marketing strategy, ask them to consider the frequency they use the platform as a consumer.


Please use the first sentence in this post.


There are a staggering amount of users on the major social media platforms at any given moment.


Take a look at the guy sitting directly in front of you. #butdontstare. Let’s suppose he’s on his phone.

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It’s possible that you can see him tweeting over the sandwich that he consumed at the deli just around the corner.

Perhaps he’s reading reviews for a movie that he plans to take his wife to watch this weekend. Maybe he’s writing a testimonial to the juicer he purchased online.


Whatever you’re doing, the fact is that people are online and social every day. It’s fast, convenient, and simple. Not paying attention to the happenings on the internet could be a major error for your sales team.


Socially awkward? #amirite


If you’re the proprietor of a restaurant and, God forbid, your patron discovered a (insert something gross, strange, or pulpy) inside the dish you handed her, What could you say? You could turn around, ignore her, and proceed to the next victim?

Perhaps you could apologize profusely and give her the chance to try a new (something odd, gross, or gooey item)-less meal for free, hoping that she will tell her friends about the outstanding service offered at your restaurant?


I’m sure you’ll choose the latter option because that is how you deal with a dissatisfied customer. 


It’s the same in the world of social media. You are exposed to the best and the bad and most awful. You then respond and adapt accordingly. It’s growth.


Don’t be the company that refuses to eat the wrong salad. Nobody wants that.


Customer retention is the most sought-after wonderful goal every business strives to attain. Nothing is more important than loyalty to your customers.


The most effective way to reach this point is to use social media in the right method. Engaging with your clients will be the most effective way to build a brand that is human while creating authority within your particular business.

This means you’re creating trust. This strategy keeps them coming back to you with their requests for your products and services.



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