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Top Moving Day Safety Tips

Top Moving Day Safety Tips - Shifting Service
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Shifting houses can be more dangerous work than you might think. The first thing that the people trying to move need to understand is that it is exhausting work, especially if you are trying to move by yourself, combine this with all the sharp and heavy objects present in your move and everything can go south really fast if you are not careful.

Here are a few safety tips that you need to understand and remember before embarking on any packing and moving projects by yourself or with the help of professional packers and movers Hyderabad to Pune.

Never Over-pack

Making sure that all your moving boxes are full to their maximum capacity is not a good way to go about doing things. Moving boxes are designed to hold a certain amount of weight and exceeding it is not something we would recommend in most scenarios, you may risk strain and injuries on your knees, back, and other joints.

This not only poses threat to your body but also to your belongings. Cardboard boxes that are meant for moving are strong enough to hold a large amount of weight, but they are not sturdy enough and are prone to wear and tear if tested beyond their limits. While carrying your boxes to the moving vehicle any one of them might fall apart leaving you flabbergasted.

Wrap Your Sharp Objects before You Move

Not packing sharp objects such as knives, gardening supplies, curtain poles and the like can leave you open to receiving physical cuts while you move. Make sure that you pack sharp-edged objects with bubble wrap or paper sheets before you move, for extra protection roll these sharp objects with multiple layers of these sheets.

Wear Clothes that Allow Movement

Your clothes must be comfortable to you as moving and packing is a physically stressful endeavour, you might be tempted to wear baggy and loose clothes while you move but we advise against it as these clothing items can restrict movement and cause you to trip. We advise wearing clothes that allow flexibility, breathability and are weather appropriate.

We also advise wearing footwear that allows for a high degree of balance and traction, as wearing footwear that has low traction or is damaged by excessive use during your move can be a recipe for disaster.

Plan Your Move Ahead of Time

Heavy lifting is a part of the moving process, but lifting more weight than you can handle may lead to injuries like a major strain on your muscle and joints. If you are making the move yourself, we highly recommend you to have a plan in place before you start loading your stuff in your transit vehicle as this will allow you to minimize the physical strain you put upon yourself during your move.

Follow Lifting Protocols

There are lifting protocols in place that help you minimize the risk of physical injuries. These include keeping the spine alignment as neutral as possible while lifting heavy objects, bending your knees and not your waist while lifting heavy objects from the ground, carrying heavy loads close to your body during your move to maintain balance, don’t twist and turning while carrying heavy objects and if you do have to twist and turn, do so with your hips and not your feet.

Know Your Limits

Don’t try to lift more objects or heavier objects than you can. Moving days are notorious for causing serious pain to the people who try to DIY it. Remember that you know your body better than anyone, so the best way to avoid injuries is to listen to it when it is telling you to stop.

Use a Dolly for Your Move

A dolly can make your entire move a lot easier than carrying a heavy burden yourself to the transport vehicle. You can always rent a dolly from your local hardware store or a moving company. This reduces the amount of physical work required during your move by a lot.

Stretch your body often

Tight muscles are more susceptible to injuries than loose ones, so it is highly recommended that you stretch throughout the moving day to keep your body as loose as possible. If you don’t really have a lot of time on your hand then we recommend stretching at least once during the morning before you get started and later in the day after you are finished. If you have issues like problems in the knees or shoulders, we recommend focusing on these areas to prevent any type of major discomfort later.

Make a clear path from your home to the transit vehicle

When you are loading the transit truck with your possessions or unloading it after you have reached your destination it is really important that you make a clear path from the transit vehicle to your home. This is necessary as you will have to repeatedly carry your possessions in and out of the transit truck.

Having a path filled with obstacles is absolutely not recommended as it may cause you or the packers and movers to trip and fall while they have something in their arms leading to a high chance of serious injuries and risk of damage to your possessions.

A clear path is also sure to speed up your moving process quite a bit as you will not have to worry about taking extra precautions while you carry your possessions to the transit truck dozens of times.

These pathways need to be cleared both inside and outside your house so that your loading and unloading process can go as smoothly as possible saving you both time and effort.

Sleep Well and Stay Hydrated

We have already established that moving can be a really arduous task, especially for the people who are not all that well prepared for it. This may cause you mental stress leading to lack of sleep and absence of a healthy diet from your routine. This is something that you should absolutely be cautious of as it may lead to a serious impact on your well-being. We also recommend that you take time to hydrate yourself regularly, this may lead to frequent bathroom breaks but that is a good trade-off against the scary effects of dehydration.


There are a lot of things a person has to keep in mind during the packing and moving process, the most important of these is their own well-being. Compromising your personal health for anything is a bad exchange, and remembering this will go a long way in keeping your body and mind healthy for years to come.

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