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Top 5 Business Schools in the UK

Business Schools in the UK
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What is a business school? You don’t have to look far for an answer: this is the place where you learn how to do business. As a rule, we are talking about higher education. Main specialization options:

  • Administration
  • Finance and accounting
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Staff manager
  • Public Contact

Today, the popularity of vocational education continues to grow. The degrees of the most prestigious business schools are highly respected by the leaders of the world’s leading companies. This is especially true if you have obtained your degree from an educational institution in the United Kingdom, the United States, or Switzerland.

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Do you want to get professional training from the best professionals and experience that will help you work in a big company or set up your own business? We offer a ranking of the top five business schools in the UK that use innovative teaching methods and trained business professionals.

1. Oxford University

Oxford University is the world’s oldest English-speaking university. The university’s economics and management program rank first among other higher education institutions in the UK. Offering similar courses, the school specializes in finance and statistics. The Intellectual Property Organizational Management and Marketing Jade Business School is the world’s oldest university offering an MBA program, one of the most innovative and innovative universities in the world. The program includes lectures, seminars, and small group classes that will help you master all management skills. Students from all over the world can apply.

2. University of St. Andrews

The University of St Andrews is the second-largest business program in the UK and the best university in Scotland. The college’s nearly 60 business school programs are second on our list of the best business management courses. According to the survey results, more than 90% of all respondents were satisfied with the learning process and the teachers. The business school curriculum includes studies in economics, governance, and international relations.

3. University of Warwick

This is the home of the prestigious Wark Business School. It is recognized with three degrees of prestigious AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. It offers undergraduate, graduate, MBA, and executive MBA programs. There are also many DBA programs, other executive programs, and short course courses without a degree. All the professors of the school have done Ph.D. most of them are engage in research activities.

4. Bath College

The Undergraduate School of Business (SBE) has accreditation for five years, which not all institutions of this model can obtain. This is the new department of the university. For those who are creative, entrepreneurial, and creative people who are ready to design and implement projects.

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He studies at the University of Bath’s School of Business and Entrepreneurship, preparing students for real life and work: he studies international economics, art, and design thinking skills. And learn how to design and implement entrepreneurship as well as world-related projects. The School of Markets and Business offers a variety of courses. Includes undergraduate degree, postgraduate and doctoral education, as well as executive training for individuals and organizations.

Loughborough University

Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics is considered one of the best schools in the world. This is of particular interest to students interested in a career in international sports management or social business. It has been approved three times and works with more than 400 partners, including Rolls-Royce and Ferrari. Students can take internships at companies such as Microsoft, GSK, and Toyota, which makes the university unique in hiring graduates.

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