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Tips On How To Choose The Right Tyre for Your vehicle

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Choosing the right set of tyres can increase the entire performance of your vehicle, including fuel consumption and safety
Tyres are one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle as they are the only connection between the vehicles and the road surface. Hence, it is very important that you choose a good pair of tyres for your car as they enhance the acceleration, braking and handling quality of your vehicle. Top quality tyres can also increase the fuel efficiency. Alternatively, cheap quality tyres can give you an unpleasant and bumpy ride.

Following are some factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing the group of tyres for your car:

1) Tube-type or Tubeless:

While selecting between tubeless and tube-type tyres, you should go for tubeless ones as they are much more advanced and safer than the tube-type tyres. Moreover, they may have some other advantages as well. Furthermore, you do not have to get alloy wheels to install tubeless tyres. Your steel wheels will also do very good with them simply because they are rust free and also have an anti-rust coating inside.

At Chambs Tyres Benoni, They have the largest selection of Dunlop Zone Chambs Tyres that are ideally suited to your vehicle. The tyres are available in multiple sizes and profiles to match the color of your cars. In addition, the tyres come backed with a tread life warranty; in other words, these will last you far longer than tyres by any other brand. In addition, they are specially designed to reduce, if not almost eliminate, road-noise, while driving thanks to their unique tread design.

2) Size of the tyre:
While buying new tyres, you need to give special attention to the size. And for that you need to know how you just read the size of a tyre. It is generally mentioned on the sidewall of a tyre which is represented in a standardised manner. For instance, 195/55 R 16 87V. We could read it as:

195 (mm) is the tread width of the tyre 55 (%) is the percentage of the tread width that contributes in making the height of the sidewall. R (Radial) refers to the radial construction of the tyre 16 (inches) identifies the diameter of the wheel 87 refers to the load index of the tyre V identifies the speed rating of the tyre

The size of a tyre can be depicted by three parts; how big is the rim, the width of the tread of the tyre and the height of the sidewalls.

i) Rim Size:

While choosing a tyre you need to keep in mind that the size of the tyre is identical to that of the rim which you want to put in it. If your rim is larger than your tyre, then it will decrease the height of the sidewall that will adversely effect the ride and handling quality of your automobile.

ii) Tread width:

You should select the tread width very carefully as it is accountable for your comfort and yout car’s performance on road. Tread width will rely upon the type of driver you are and obviously, on the automobile you are driving. Such as, if your vehicle generates a lot of power, if you often keep high speeds while cornering or if you need your automobile to have a stylish and robust look, you can go for a wider tread. However, if you need to improve your fuel mileage, want to keep carefully the steering light or if you often drive the car in city traffic, you should not get a wider tread.

iii) Sidewall Height:

When you are done selecting the accurate rim size and the correct tread width, your next move will be to choose a sidewall height that will assist in keeping the overall size of the new tyre similar to that of your old tyres.

Tread Pattern:

How to choose the right tyre

Choosing the tread pattern of your tyres is another critical task. Tread pattern of an tyre plays a significant role in your overall driving experience as they are responsible for the performance of your car in several weather conditions. They are responsible for channeling the away when you are driving through a water logged area.

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