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Things to do in Spiti Valley

spiti valley
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As you are aware, Spiti valley is called the cold desert of India . many things are available in Spiti Valley, aside from snow-shoeing, skiing and playing in the snow. It’s no surprise that Spiti valley is among the best destinations for the beautiful trekkers and will be even more exciting once you’ve come to know about the locations and activities you could discover on this wonderful trip.

River Rafting

It is a well-known excursion enjoyed by other travellers. rafting on the Spiti turn waterway is an incredible experience for veteran young ladies. The view of the environmental elements is breathtaking. The stream is bordered in Kullu Valley in the south. Ladakh in the north and Tibet in the east. Lahaul along with Spiti’s Twin Valleys can be a pleasant surprise to behold. It will take you to steep and snow-capped mountains, with stunning scenery. The fun you’ll have rafting together will be thrilling and thrilling. The cost is between 500 and 1500 INR.

Pin Valley National Park

Visit Pin Valley to set your pace back for a few days to see what it is like to experience all day long while sipping tea while taking in the sunrises and sunsets behind mountains. You come to Pin Valley to pay attention to the peace, experience peace and be able to let go.

It is true that it’s peaceful to enjoy such a peaceful and serene surroundings. There is stunning flora and fauna, making the landscape stunning. One thing I’d like to add is that If you are planning to visit Spiti Valley, don’t overlook the area.

There are two methods that lead to Pin Valley National Park. The first one is via Manali through Rohtang Pass – Kunzum La – Kaza and Mikkim. The second one follows Shimla through Shimla Tapri Shimla – Tapri Kaza Mikkim. Mikkim. You can pick any of these roots based on your preferences.

Buddhist Monasteries

Spiti is home to numerous Buddhist Monasteries as it serves an important function to Buddhism.

Key Gompa, has a relationship with the Gelugpa faction, also known as”the Yellow Hat group of Tibetan Buddhism. Key is one of three religious communities belonging to the Gelugpa organization located in Spiti valley, with the other of which is Tabo along with Drangtse Monastery. In 2000 the Kalachakra event was held in the community of religious worship in the presence of His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

A trek up to Dhankar lake

It is 45 to one hour starting from Dhankar Village to arrive at Dhankar Lake.  Arranged at an elevation of 14000 feet. In the middle, you will also walk over a decent water source to quench your thirst  . Regardless it being the case that carrying an empty water bottle is appropriate. It is thrilling and thrilling to do during the Spiti Valley. There is a legend that says that Lord Shiva was once in this area in search of the Lord Vishnu and also took a drink from the lake to quench his thirst for Nandi.

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It is an undiscovered gem in the Spiti Valley. By its shores, one can also see Manirang Peak, which, with a height of 6,593 meters, is among the top peaks that are most notable in Himachal. You aren’t able to camp near the lake, however it’s spread across vast areas and includes some huge wide spaces that are to set camp just a few feet away.

Village of Gihu

Giu is a tiny town with a size of about 10,000 feet, in between two towns Sumdo as well as Tabo within Tabo in the Spiti Valley. A long ride of 8 km on a street which branches from NH-22 leads towards Giu town. The sacred place, with dead bodies that have disappeared in a distinctive interaction with teeth, eyes and perfect eyes, is accessible.

 It can give you exciting and scary emotions for those who enjoy diverse adventures. The body parts haven’t been rotten, and there is no protection from synthetics. A belt is worn around its body which is believed as the gomthak priests tie around their necks and then all the way to their knees in reflection. Some believe that the yogic posture in which the priest is sitting could help protect the body. The priest, as per his Gelugpa demand, is referred to as Sangha Tenzin. 


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