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Things to do in kashmir - Zero Digital Group
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Things to do in kashmir

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Many tourists travel to Jammu and Kashmir Vale every year for their summer vacations, winter vacations, Honeymoon trips, and other types of vacations. However, most tourists were not sure what to do during the Jammu-Kashmir trip.

This journal features high-attractions and other things to do in Jammu & Kashmir. We will answer most of your questions about what activities you should do and what fun things to do during your Jammu and Kashmir trip.


Jammu and Kashmir: The Best Things To Do

Shikara Ride

Stay in a houseboat

Discover stunning Gardens

Gondola Ride

Pony Ride


1. Shikara Ride

 Ride on dekaliter lake in Srinagar Jammu & Jammu and Kashmir

Shikara Ride Charges – Federal Agency a Hundred and Fifty to Five Hundred (Approx.

Dekaliter Lake, Nagin Lake and others are some of the most popular places to enjoy a Shikara ride in Jammu and Kashmir.

Shikara riding is the most popular activity that holidaymakers to Jammu Kashmir can do. It also ranks among the easiest things to do in Srinagar. Gondolas, also known as shikaras, are lightweight dinghys that can be seen on the lake’s surface.


These are used to get back and forth between the houseboats, or for longer tours. You’ll hear the chirping of birds and snow-capped mountains as you ride Shikara Ride through Srinagar Jammu Kashmir. This will be a lasting memory that will last a lifetime. You’ll be able look at floating outlets together and enjoy a variety of food options during your ride.


2. Stay in your houseboat

Houseboats continue to dekaliter Lake in Srinagar Jammu & Jammu and Kashmir

Best Lakes to Remain – Nagin Lake and dekaliter Lake

Price of a stay in Kashmiri Flatboat – Federal Agency one,000 to 7,700 Per Night (Approx.

Best Time to Remain – All Year

You can also enjoy Kashmiri houseboats, apart from the luxury resorts and hotels of Jammu and Kashmir vale. These houseboats have a pleasant Kashmiri design and include luxury bedrooms, separate feeding and lounge areas, as well as a balcony overlooking the lake and snow-covered mountains.


Many houseboats come with rooftops that you can spend your evenings on. Some houseboats even feature floating gardens. The most stunning views are available and guests enjoy lavish amenities. These houseboats look amazing. These houseboats, unlike Kerala, are permanently moored at the lake and do not travel.


Also, read: The Best Places to Go to in Srinagar That You Simply Shouldn’t Miss


3. Discover stunning Gardens

Mughal Gardens in Srinagar Jammu & Jammu and Kashmir

Fees for Indian Nationals: Federal Agency Twenty Four Per Person (Approx.

The best time to visit Mughal Gardens is March-October

Closing Time: 9:30 AM – 6:30PM

Famous Gardens in Jammu and Kashmir : Nishat Garden, Shalimar Garden, Chashme Shahi Garden, Pari Mahal Garden, liliaceous plant Garden, statesman Garden.

Jammu and Kashmir’s ‘Heaven on Earth,’ is blessed with beautiful beauty. Its beauty is evident in the many gardens that surround it. The best places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir are undoubtedly the Mughal gardens built charbagh style by various Mughal princes, courtiers.


From the valleys came the idea of gardens as a place to relax. The Mughal gardens are a delight for their guests. They have a wonderful arrangement of plants, with gurgling fountains and lively blossoms. Explore the beauty of the spreads by walking around.


4. Gulmarg Gondola

Cable Car Ride in Gulmarg Jammu & Jammu and Kashmir

Federal agency 700 Gulmarg-Kungdoor (First Phase), federal agent 900 Kungdoor-Aparwath(Second Phase), and federal agency 250 (Chairlift)

Gulmarg lies close at 2650m above the water level at Mount Apharwat’s bottom. The cable car (gondola) extends almost to Apharwat’s height, which is 3980m higher than the water level.


This compartment gives access to 1330 metres of large, snow-covered slopes. Gulmarg Gondola has been elevated from Gulmarg up to Apharwat, making it the second most lift-served resort in the world. Gulmarg Gondola covers five kilometres in total. Once you see it from the compartment, it is a sight that will not be forgotten.


5. Pony Ride in Jammu & Kashmir

Pony Ride in Jammu & Kashmir

The best time to enjoy pleasure is March to October

You can see the following places on a pony ride: Sanasar, Baisaran and Chandanwari.

All guests are captivated by scenic landscapes. However, your feet might not be able to carry you over the long distances and dizzying heights. In such cases, ponies will take you to these magical locations.


Horses (or pony) can be seen in luxury vacation resorts, especially in areas where roads are not motor-ready in the highlands. Tourists hire ponies to go on trekking in the highlands. The ponies can be rented at very affordable rates. You must bring water and food with you when riding.


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