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The Truth Behind These 4 Common Customer Service Myths

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Customer service is an essential part of an organization’s overall strategy. It can build loyalty and increase revenue. However, companies can make mistakes that undermine the customer service they provide. Some do not understand what their customers want, while others do not have the resources to provide it.

They then create unrealistic goals, expectations, or beliefs about their customers. These can lead to devastating consequences for the company. As a result, they are wasting time, resources, and money.

Read on as discuss the truth behind these four common customer service myths:

1. A Low Number of Customer Complaints Indicates That Our Service Is Satisfactory

When a customer complains too loudly, abuse can occur. Customer service can suffer when customers do not complain, feel too intimidated to complain or pretend everything is okay. Complaints are an indicator of how customer service is doing.

Few customers can also mean a change like the complaints.

As consumers become more demanding, corporate standards and expectations will change. If the customer still receives the same level of service as before, it is only natural for them to become frustrated.

The reality is that companies that receive many complaints are probably offering a higher level of service than those that receive few.

2. For the Best Results, the Organization Should Be Present on All Social Media Channels

Social media marketing is a powerful tool to bring in new customers. It allows companies to connect with customers directly and create a trusted relationship. So it is understandable that many companies want to get their brand out there as much as possible. However, the best way to get customers is to focus on one channel.

Some social media platforms are better suited for marketing and advertising. Some are better suited for customer service. As a result, it is essential to prioritize the channels where you will be able to get the most benefit.

3. As Long as the Needs of the Customers Are Addressed, We’ve Done Our Job Successfully

Many companies think that the job is done once the customer receives the product or service they want. However, as companies enter into a new stage of maturity, it is now about going beyond simply meeting the customer needs.

The new goal for most companies is to provide customers with a good experience. Customer service is not just about getting customers what they need. It is about making them feel good about getting it.

Excellent customer service is not just about what the company offers but the overall experience that the customer has with the company.

4. Policies and Procedures Should Be Developed and Implemented To Control Our Customer Service

Many organizations believe that policies and procedures are the best way to achieve a common standard of customer service. However, this is not always the case.

Policies and procedures are tools that businesses can use to achieve their objectives. However, they are only effective if they are made to suit the company and its customers. These can limit the flexibility and creativity of employees in their dealings with customers. 

The best customer service is built on solid policies, but it is also based on common sense and understanding.


The myths described above are based on shared beliefs that are not always true. However, it is easy to understand why most companies believe these. Realistic goals, appropriate expectations, and a deeper understanding of your customers can go a long way to help you develop excellent customer service.

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