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The True Reason Why Ostriches Cannot Fly

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The True Reason Why Ostriches Cannot Fly,.At times, standing tall at 6 feet, the ostriches generally weigh more than 200 pounds. Even though they have an average wingspan of 7 feet, they require larger wings to enable flight. In reality,Small Yellow Birds  even if ostriches were less than they weigh or had larger wingspans, they’d nevertheless been unable to fly since neither this weight nor the insufficiently long wings are the primary reason behind their lack of flight.

The massive disappearance of the dinosaurs

is the main reason the ostriches can’t fly. In the time that dinosaurs ruled the earth, their massive size, accompanied by fast mating methods, occupied large portions of their environment. When these massive creatures went extinct, there were vast areas of land that were free. Because of the vastness of this area of land, lots of animals, including birds, began to adapt to the land. They took advantage of the newly created land and expanded their community in the years to come.

As time went by as evolution continued to take its slow course, ostriches started to increase in size and adjust to the new environment. As they got larger in size they lost the ability to fly. Ostriches are often thought to be flightless. is that their ancestors were flightless, which is not true. They were actually flying birds that diminished their flight across generations. Ostriches were not born flightless.

It’s funny and surprising that the birds

gradually and slowly lost their ability to fly because of the constant evolution process. This same logic can be applied to the reason why humans are tailbone-less, yet they don’t have tail birds like the emu as well as the ostrich stopped flying due to their weight gain and laziness after the dinosaurs went extinct, according to new research.

A surplus of food supply

and the absence of predators after the demise of dinosaurs caused a lot of birds to grow fat and stop bothering to fly. Many scientists thought that the ancestral ancestors of modern flying birds, such as Ostriches and emus were also flying. A new study suggests they might be able to fly before reducing the effort.

The study was conducted by researchers of The Australian National University who studied the genetics of the extinct giant moa birds from New Zealand.

Surprisingly, the researchers

found that instead of being a flightless ancestor Their closest relatives are the tiny flying tinamous in South America. The study, which was conducted by Dr. Matthew Phillips, suggests ancestors of the African Ostrich, Pink Birds

Australian emu, South American rheas as well as New Zealand moa became flightless approximately 65 million years ago. This is also the time of the extinction of dinosaurs.

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