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The Trend Of The 2030 Generation Who Are Passionate About Overseas Soccer Broadcasts

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The number of people watching live overseas football online is exploding among young people. Unlike most teenagers who spend their leisure time concentrating on LOL or mobile games, many people in their 20s and 30s watch 스포츠중계 using smartphones and tablets. Those in their thirties, who remember the memories of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup semifinals, are also very interested in sports and spend most of their time watching overseas soccer matches played by prestigious European teams. This phenomenon supports the theory that if you are addicted to sports at a young age, you will continue to be a sports fan after adulthood.

The current generation of 2030 in Korea has many soccer enthusiasts who shared the heyday of overseas soccer. We shared the growth period with the golden generation that includes Ji-sung Park, Young-pyo Lee, Joo-young Park, Seong-yong Ki, Heung-min Son, and Kang-in Lee. In addition, the development of online sports broadcasting sites has made it possible to watch broadcast videos of all soccer leagues in the world from anywhere with a smartphone in a busy life. In addition, they are the generation familiar with Sports Toto and online Toto sites, so they continue to show a lot of interest in overseas soccer leagues.

This trend of the 2030 generation serves as a stepping stone for the K-League Classic, a professional soccer league in Korea, and a stepping stone for the growth of a new soccer dream tree. Because soccer accounts for a very high percentage of the sports industry, many children dream of becoming soccer players. Looking at the high level of performance of overseas soccer, the 2030 generation, who have developed an interest in soccer, have also begun to understand the need for the growth of Korea’s soccer league. This virtuous cycle structure will continue to be a great help to the birth of promising soccer star players.

Evaluating the possibility of convergence between the trendy Hktv25 and the overseas soccer market

Currently, the biggest topic in the IT industry is the Hktv25, and the possibility of convergence with the overseas soccer market is highly evaluated. Hktv25 refers to a three-dimensional virtual world where cultural, social, and economic activities similar to the real world are possible. The internal PC creation function within the Mine craft game makes it possible to implement a virtual PC in the virtual world and use it as if it were real. They also show movies in the virtual reality world or promote them by installing advertising banners. In addition, now Hktv25 real estate purchases are actually transacted with cash.

There are still many Hktv25 Convergence and application attempts between different industries and technological development can have a great impact on the overseas soccer market, which is the core content of sports broadcasting. Early sports events could only be watched by visiting the stadium. After that, with the development of the industry, the distribution platform expanded to black-and-white TV, radio, and color TV, and the market expanded to satellite TV, Internet overseas soccer broadcasting, and mobile sports broadcasting. Now, in the virtual world, we have secured the technology to watch sports broadcasts such as the NBA and MLB, starting with overseas soccer. In addition, the 360 ​​degree shooting technique, which has recently become a big issue in the sports broadcasting market, has expanded the paradigm of sports broadcasting from 2D to 3D. Now, even in the Hktv25 world, you can watch popular overseas soccer broadcasts like EPL matches. The sports market always strives to attract young fans.

This is because the child who visited the soccer stadium when he was young grows up and continues to visit the stadium. And virtual spaces like Hktv25 can be a good platform for young people to enter the sports market. Creating a new 3D virtual reality is the Hktv25, but the era has come when you can watch digitally filmed videos of real sports games in the virtual world. In the current fierce competition in the online sports broadcasting market, sports media that are looking for new possibilities have come to pay attention to the Hktv25. A sports expert boatman predicted that a sports relay company that preoccupies the rapid growth of the Hktv25 industry could establish itself as a major site for the next generation. Now that word has become a reality and is coming to us.

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