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The Best IELTS Preparation Course In Dubai At Nlptech

IELTS Preparation Course in dubai
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Why train at Nlptech Training Center?

Guaranteed target band 8+

Over 20 free IELTS practice tests

Free demo lessons

Flexible schedule

Unlimited number of free revisions

Affordable prices

We have taught over 5000 IELTS students in the United Arab Emirates.

How to score at least 8 in the IELTS test?

Why you didn’t pass IELTS: 5 main reasons and solutions

The information presented in this article is useful not only for those taking the IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai for the first time but also for those who have taken the test several times but did not do well on some tasks, such as reading and writing. The exercises and solutions are based on our extensive experience gained over the past seven years working with over 4000 candidates of different nationalities and professions. We can share our insights with you so that you know your weaknesses.

If you review these exercises and their solutions, we are confident that you will achieve your listening 8, reading 7, writing 7 and speaking 7 goals. All immigration goals.

1) No grammatical and spelling errors.

Out of 100 people taking the IELTS test, 75-85 people lack basic grammar knowledge. Lack of grammar skills and vocabulary are the main reasons for failure in writing. Creating compound sentences requires not only good knowledge of grammar rules but also specific skills.

Problem 1 – Solution :

When the average candidate first practices at home to improve their grammar skills, they need at least 2-4 weeks of refresher training. Applicants to our centers must first solve a “free diagnostic grammar test”. Once the test result confirms the grammar questions, IELTS training begins. If the grammar skills are not sufficient, the IELTS lessons will be cancelled.

Free language lessons before IELTS lessons in Dubai

Answers to exercise 2 and technical answers

Based on our years of experience and contact with candidates of different nationalities, we found that candidates do not know what to do in the exam. Specifically, how should they write and answer the literacy tasks to achieve a score of 7 or higher? These questions should be answered by a qualified tutor to find out what Cambridge University basically expects from you in the tasks and what the examiners expect from you.

Problem 2 – Solution:

At the Nlptech Centre, you will be tutored by a tutor who has previously been a British Council examiner and who won Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s award for best teacher in 2018. The tutor’s own notes include techniques to help you pass the IELTS test.

I know what to write, but I don’t know how to do it.

  1. some practice in reading and writing.

It’s no secret that working in the UAE requires two skills: speaking and listening. Answer: …… How many years has it been?

Problem 3 – Solution:

There is a well-known saying: “Don’t jump into the river if you can’t swim”. The main solution is to practice under the guidance of a qualified coach. If you write on your own, no one will judge you or point out the mistakes you make.


Candidates are well aware that they do not read Chapter 3 in the IELTS reading task and make many mistakes in Chapter 4 while listening. They are unable to complete the tasks on time, resulting in lower marks in the exam.

Problem 4 – Solution:

If you don’t know all the question types in the exam and have not practiced them well, you will not be able to manage the time. Most exam candidates lost time in finding the difference between incorrect and correct (reading problem).


Candidates who are currently practicing at home often encounter this problem and observe that they sometimes score higher in one task and lower in another and vice versa. Due to a lack of focus and concentration, they are unable to catch the problem and their own mistakes.

Problem 5 – Solution:

The key to achieving a higher score on the IELTS exam is concentration and consistency. Unfortunately, due to work commitments and the home environment, candidates cannot devote enough time to practice. Simply put, IELTS classes are like gym classes – the more you practice, the better your results will be. You have to log on to the gym to relieve stress, you can’t do it at home, no matter how determined you are, you will lose because the home environment is not the same as the environment you experienced in real-time on the IELTS exam.


Unlimited number of tests to assess skills

International curriculum and rich study materials

Intensive and interactive training

Tips and strategies to help you pass the exam

Certified and experienced trainers

Official and accredited IELTS testing and training center

Centre accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education

Certificate of Educational Achievement (subject to Ministry of Education certification fee)

Why choose Nlptech?

If you are looking for IELTS training in Dubai, Nlptech Training IELTS Center in Dubai has qualified and experienced staff for IELTS preparation with 8+ bands guarantee. Register now.

Nlptech is a leading corporate and IT training organization with the best support system when it comes to exam preparation, coaching and customized training programs. Sites Power has contributed to the careers of thousands of people and continues to do so – not only in the UAE and Central Europe but also beyond these regions. We’re the team to turn to for quality training, 100% reliable curriculum, professional certifications and exams, career advice, and much more.

Our trainers, who have a wealth of experience in teaching English, have played a key role in the development of many global organizations over the years, and are therefore ideally placed to help you prepare for the IELTS test in Dubai.

Therefore, if you want to improve your soft skills, enhance your employability and get excellent prospects of getting opportunities in reputed organizations across the globe, choose the best IELTS training in Dubai and UAE.

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