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The 5 Best Types of Cat

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It’s been a constant joke within the Britannica offices to compile an index that lists the “best cats”–this happens on the web after all. Two brave and cat-loving editors have decided to take the task to ensure your pleasure. After much debate and discussion, we have put together the top 10 cats, based on our opinion.


Let’s face it, polydactyl cats make the most wonderful high-fives. Errr, high-sixes. Also called “mitten cats” or “thumb cats” polydactyls possess a genetic mutation that allows them to have more than the normal amount of feet with toes. Polydactyl cats may possess anywhere from six to eight toes on each paw.

The extra toes may appear as if their paws are thumbs.  c Although polydactyly is a common trait in all kinds of species of animals (including humans) however, it’s probably the most adorable in cats. The writer Ernest Hemingway surely thought so. He was a polydactyl-owner as was The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum has become home to more than fifty cats with polydactyls.


The white muzzle, feet with black “points,” and blue eyes With its blue eyes, dark “points,” and white muzzle, the Snowshoe appears like the breed it was born from a Siamese sporting white “boots” which were discovered as a litter member of the Siamese breeder from Philadelphia during the 60s. The unique Snowshoe appearance is hard to reproduce, and therefore it is not a registered breed. Snowshoe cats are extremely rare.

However, there are numerous shelter cats with certain or all of its features, including white paws and dark masks, and stunning blue eyes. So if you’re looking for this type of cat, then you can always acquire “the look at a lower cost.”


stimulation of the genes. The traits that are essential to pattern calicos are located on the X-chromosome. As a result, the majority of cats with calico patterns are females. Male calico cats are rare and far between and are only the result of genetic defects. This British Shorthair is renowned for its attractive appearance as well as its generally sociable and enjoyable personality.

The attractive, chunky look of its body and face as well as its soft, luxurious fur are a perfect match for its robust personality. The broad-cheeked faces of the British Shorthairs seem to be smiling with more expression than other cats’. In fact, they are believed to be the source of inspiration for the broad-grinning Cheshire Cat of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. British


Who could resist who can resist Siamesecat’s beautiful blue eyes? They have been admired by their distinctive patterning and outspoken personalities for a long time. As a status symbol for a long time, Siamese felines have also been presented to the highest officials as gifts.

The Siamese cat made its U.S. debut in 1878 when one was gifted to President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife by an American consul. They are renowned for their loud meows can be thought to be babies crying!

Norwegian Forest Cat

If you enjoy snuggling a cat with large in size and is able to take whatever you throw at them, this Norwegian Forest Cat is for you. A large cat with huge feet and plenty of fur The Norwegian is much like the Maine Coon cat’s Viking cousin. Can Cat Eat Watermelon  The massive, muscular loving, gentle,

and serene Norwegian has a thick as well as water-resistant double coat, as well as ears and toes that are tufted that make it the ideal partner for snowshoeing, scavenging other countries, and sitting high on the dragon’s head that is on the prow of the Viking ship.

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