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surprise to me that I would get a dog

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“I got my dog, Niki (black Labrador Retriever), on Christmas Day

It was a surprise to me that I would get a dog. She is excellent. At 12 weeks old, she is a lot of fun. I will teach her to swim this summer. “She is going to have a lot of fun.“Our dogs (Labrador Retrievers) are very sweet. They love to play with the ball. They are our best friends and we love them.
Take good care of them. Arizona Birds  Max is obsessed with the ball, and sleeps on Jessi’s bed. Maddie loves to snuggle when she’s tired. Maddie also loves to snuggle on Candi’s pillow. “Two-second puppy” means she will only snuggle for two seconds when she’s awake. Candis and Jessi are ages 10 and 8. Washington, USA

Sunny, my Labrador Retriever dog, was extremely nice. She is also very polite. She didn’t poop or throw up when we drove up to the mountains (2 hours). She was still very funny when we went swimming. “She also liked baths so that’s another good thing about dogs.” Kati, age 11, California USA

“My yellow Labrador Retrievers

(my dogs) are so sweet. They are part of my family and I love them. They are special because I know they will always love me, no matter what. My dogs are related. Dakota is Lady’s father.” Kaylah Age 7, California

“Hi Doggie lovers! Want to know more about Gracey (Chocolate Lab)? Gelya is her real name. Gelya is her first name. Gracey is her middle name. We call her Gracey her middle name. This is what she does. She’ll occasionally roll on her back and run all over the floor, like a mad woman. surprise to me that I would get a dog

When she gets tired, she will roll on her back and crawl

into our computer room. Then she will flop on the couch and fall asleep. She also snores. She does this on the couch in her computer room. There is no other place! This site has tons of my writings. It’s there! Well, gotta go! “See you on the internet!” Adnama, age 9, Massachusetts USA

“Hi, my name’s Tawny. I have a black lab named Casey. Casey is a female puppy. She is very playful. My kitten Kali and my cat Mitsy are not compatible with her. She is just 10 weeks old. Casey loves all her toys, particularly her squeaky white Teddy bear.” Tawny (Age 10, California USA)

“Hi. Casey is my dog. She is a black Lab

My mom got me in serious trouble once and she shouted at me. I began to cry. Can Dogs Have Avocados I was lying on the ground when Casey (Casey), came over and lay next to me. She then started to lick my face. Casey, aged 1 year old, is as adorable as it gets!” Courtney (11 years) Illinois USA

“Hi, my name is Amanda. Casey is my dog. She is adorable. She can jump extremely high. She loves her squeaky teddy bear. She’s a funny dog. She loves to play with my sister and me. Casey thinks black Labradors are water-loving, but Casey is not. Amanda, age 8, California USA

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