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How Can You Spot Problems in New Born Puppies?

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You might have the best job, the most supporting family, and amazing friends. But even after all this, you might feel like something is missing in your life that can only be filled with a puppy. Puppies are the adorable little furry animals that can make you feel so happy. Puppies have so much to give, they look at you with love, and they are always there for you. Twitter Account

However, having a dog is a full-time job, and you have to make sure that you are doing everything to make them feel good.

The majority of the people love their dogs, and sometimes the dog owners prefer their dogs to give birth at home. After birth, you are required to put extra care with your dog and newborn puppies.

When your dog is in her pregnancy period, it is important to take care of them. The pregnancy period of dogs is usually two months. However, the pregnancy span depends upon the breed of dogs and the number of puppies about to be delivered. Twitter Account

It is better if you consult a veterinarian and make sure that the puppies are in good health. Consulting the veterinarian will also help you know the number of puppies about to be born. Having a conversation with the veterinarian can be great when whelping puppies at home.

1.      How Can You Take Care of Your Puppies?

When you get a puppy, it becomes very important for you to do all the right things because newborn puppies need extra care to make sure that they are in good health.

The first thing you can do is take the dog and puppies to the vet so that the vet can have a look at the newborns and the dog.

The pet might prescribe something and may set up a date for the vaccine and suggest other preventive care. It is important to start puppy care from day one because there are many diseases and viruses that your puppies can get infected too. These diseases can be deadly for the puppies, and you surely would want to prevent that from happening in all cases.

If the dogs have parasites or if the puppies have caught some virus, there are chances that the disease can affect you too, which you would never want to happen.

The vets are also concerned about your health, and therefore they make sure to not miss anything when they are taking a look at the dogs.


2.      Some Common Problems with puppies

The owners who whelp puppies at home need to be extra careful because dogs can suffer from a lot of problems. There can be intestinal parasites or external parasites.

Some of the common signs that might suggest major health issues include Increased sobbing, weight loss, and loss of appetite. There might be signs of infection if your puppy is vomiting, feverish, or has respiratory issues.

Newborn puppies do not have a very strong immune system, and they are vulnerable, which is why they are susceptible to various health problems. If you know where you need to look, you can avoid various puppy issues.

Here are some of the common signs and symptoms that you should look into

1.      Increased Crying

Normally the newborns cry very little, and they are mostly sleeping. However, if your dog spends most of the time crying or is frequently whining, make sure to get them checked with a vet. Crying can be a common sign of neonatal problems. So, look if your puppy is overheated, not eating enough, or is experiencing pain.

2.      Puppies have Decreased Appetite

Puppies are routinely cared for during the day. If one of your pups isn’t lactating on a regular basis, it might be an indication of something more serious. Puppies that are having difficulty digesting food or are unable to drink adequately can be sick. If you see a puppy losing its appetite, make an appointment with your veterinarian.

Losing appetite can be a sign of hypothermia. Puppies under the age of six days quiver and are unable to control their body temperature adequately. Hypothermia makes it very difficult for the puppies to care for themselves or digest their food. Therefore, observe the eating habit of puppies and consult your vet if you observe something is off.

3.      Check their Sleep Cycle

Most of the time, when puppies are not nursing, they sleep. If you notice that puppies are not sleeping and are restless, it is preferable to consult with the vet. There are chances the puppies may be suffering from infection and not getting the nutritional need. Make sure to check the puppies every few hours to ensure that they are sleeping normally.

4.      Look for Vomiting

If the puppy is suffering from bacteria or viral infection, it will experience vomiting or will have diarrhea. It is a very common symptom that you should check for as it indicates the type of infection and parasites. It is beneficial to visit the vet soon after observing signs of vomiting and diarrhea.

5.      Dealing With Birth Defects

Some newborn babies can have abnormalities in their body parts, such as hearts and brains. The abnormalities make it difficult for the puppies to stay healthy. If your puppy cannot defecate, the chances are it may have a closed anus.

So, it is important for you to check all the signs that the puppies might be going through. It is preferable if you talk to the vet about the abnormalities that your puppy is going through.

6.      Final Thought

Newborn puppies can go through various abnormalities or health issues. Because the immunity of puppies is low, therefore, it is important for the owners to get the puppies checked. Having a conversation with the veterinarian can be great when whelping puppies at home.

Be careful with newborn puppies. If you ensure their health in the early days, the puppies with live a healthier life.

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