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Sports Marketing: What it is, types, strategies and plan

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Sports marketing uses sports of all kinds to help sell the company’s products and services. This is not limited to professional sports, but may include, for example, semi-professional leagues or college sports. However, when you think of sports marketing, words like “Real Madrid”, “football” or “Lionel Messi” come to mind.

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In a way yes, but that’s not all.

Because sports can be viewed on many different platforms (online, stadium physical, television, radio, etc.), the NBA can take many different forms, such as stadium advertising space, TV commercials, or sponsorship. Contract. An athlete who promotes a brand on their social networks.

Sports marketing is an atypical subcategory of marketing, but we should not ignore it. It is about linking your image to an athlete, sports team or popular 해외축구중계 that many people support. Through sports marketing, we capitalize on the popularity and commitment of many fans to their favorite teams and athletes to improve the brand.

Imagine we are the main sponsor of the Liverpool jersey,

The team that recently won the Champions League. Our brand is instantly linked to the success of the team, giving us prestige and visibility among Liverpool fans and beyond. As we can see, there are many opportunities for collaboration in sports marketing.

We will try to point out everything you need on this topic!

Types and characteristics of sports marketing

The power of sports marketing is very important. This can be useful in a variety of contexts, such as during the product or service launch phase, to reach potential customers and / or enhance your company’s image. When a company invests in sports, it does so in order to achieve positive results in its operations: Increased brand visibility among the target audience to attract the attention of potential customers and differentiate them from competitors. Commercial goals: more sales, more orders, followers, more communication with the public…

Privileged relationships with players on the field: both the athlete and the club, but also with other club partners and sponsors.

Associate your image with a brand that shares the same values: for example, it could be the values ​​of social cohesion or the promotion of regional / urban traditions.

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