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Sox, linebacker world champions

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Just close your eyes and think about it … The glowing land will take you home to the land of DEATH.

And mother, sister and friends are waiting.

It happened to Professional Handicappers League member ( and sports analyst Mike Linebeck; The word comes directly from Frank Baum’s classic novel. (Mike has a Toto-type dog.)

The linebacker — no, he’s not an NFL player, though his name seems fitting — has been disabled for 20 years, the last 10 in the pros after he won his first baseball game while on vacation at the lake. Successful sports betting from Tahoe, California. But not without some hard lessons along the way.

“In the early days, I made all the mistakes

that most athletes make today. I bet a lot of games, not hands, chasing losses, etc. I’m trying to make a living as someone else.” like other “consequence”. , I didn’t have the time, knowledge or money to be successful in sports betting,” the 43-year-old linebacker said.

“At the end of the day, I’m smart,” Mike said. “I decided to focus on professional sports (MLB, NFL and NBA), put enough money aside, not change my betting rate and only place my best bets – not that one game.” it’s not just on TV.”

A linebacker is recommended to bet 2.5 percent of his bank account per game. “I’ve been following this money management system for the last 10 years and have avoided all losses since then,” the linebacker said.

“Basically, I’ve messed around with college sports for years, but I’m getting better, even though I’m very picky. It’s really hard to follow all the sports by myself.”

Linebacker detaches himself and focuses on professional sports

“I learned sports,” he said. “I was a varsity athlete, playing scholarship baseball at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas (yes, a linebacker has a brain!) and graduated in 1985 with a degree in business administration.”

The linebacker has spent most of his adult professional career in Las Vegas and Kansas City. Five years ago, Mike made the brave decision to sell his construction business and go back to school to get his teaching license (yes, he has a brain!). He returned to Topeka to attend school and be near family and friends.

“Well, I’ve come full circle,” he said.

He is divorced and has a daughter, Samantha, 19, who starts her studies this year.

Mike decided to give up his teaching ambitions in 2004 when he joined The Professional Handicappers League.

“When I started school, I decided to start looking at my pictures online for fun,” Lineback said.

“I didn’t think about starting a sports company until I won an online handicapping contest in 2003. Soon I was approached by a reputable sports publication with an exclusive sponsorship.” “used to be about creating a website for my sports service.”

“I was hesitant at first, but I decided to try,” the co-pilot said.

The rest is history

“I’ve been successful since I started the gym in October of 2003,” Line back said. “I take my responsibility for my members very seriously.

In addition to the handicap win, Mike won the NBA handicap in 2004-2005 and finished second a year ago. He ranked no. 1 in the NBA on four different screens in two consecutive years and became the no. 2 in the Professional Handicappers League ( over the past two seasons. This year he won the World Handicappers Baseball Grand Prix in the Professional Handicappers League (

In 2005, he won his first MLB World Series, his first linebacker title in The Professional Handicappers League (

The league attends Bo dog’s annual winter 스포츠토토  사이트  betting and poker conference in Las Vegas and honors world champions with the goal of commemorating their achievements.

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