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Smart Secrets to Look Amazing in a T-shirt

In: Fashion

A t-shirt is a staple of every man’s closet. The versatility and affordability make it wearable anytime, anywhere.

Over the years, you must be bored with the conventional way of wearing them and pairing them. If you are someone who is ready to experiment with looks, this article is for you. We will tell you how you can create an interesting appearance that will turn heads. Parx tee by Raymond’s collection not only gives you an amazing look but also makes you feel comfortable.

Your t-shirt is styled in many different ways. You should don a stylish look when you wear it.

Plain t-shirts

Solid colors can be paired with about everything. But make sure if you are wearing a light-colored t-shirt, the bottom has to be dark and vice versa.

Not only this, but plain tees can also work with any shoes. And this ranges from casual sneakers to leather boots and everything between. Just be sure whatever you are wearing is nicely fitted and not baggy.

Shirt over a t-shirt

An open shirt with a t-shirt underneath creates a unique sense of fashion. If you want to keep it sober, a plain color shirt over the darker shade t-shirt would be fantastic. Wearing a shirt over a t-shirt is a savior. You can never go wrong with gray, blues, and blacks. But if you are still unsure of how to pair it, start with white and pair it with blue or black jeans or pants. This looks both casual and cool.

Once you have nailed one look, you can experiment and start playing around with prints and patterns.

Printed Tees

Rules for wearing a printed tee are similar to that of a plain tee but they just step up in giving you a bit of character. It may have a graphic design, words of wisdom, or anything random, you make sure it stays subtle.

If you are wearing a loud bottom, pair it with a solid-colored t-shirt. Jeans are an obvious winner with printed t-shirts.

Striped t-shirt

Stripes are the same as printed tees, it’s just the geometric shape that puts it into another class. Stylish men love wearing striped tees with solid bottoms. This includes black or blue denim or plain trousers. Make sure you are not wearing anything that clashes the lines. Otherwise, you will look like an escaped con.

Cotton T-shirt

Cotton tees are your best friend during summers. They are super comfortable, simple yet sophisticated, versatile, durable, and pair with a multitude of the bottom.

For a smarter look, avoid printed cotton tees. It is a normal jeans and tee combo where you can experiment. A white cotton tee with blue or black denim is a classic winner.

Linen t-shirt

Linen has seen a real resurgence in recent years. This texture adds plenty of character to any look. It is also more breathable than cotton. You can easily pair them with colored chinos, trousers & jeans. Linen t-shirts are more free-flowing so ensure it is fitted.

Long-sleeve t-shirts

Long sleeves tees are not just worn on colder days but also to protect you from the UV sun rays in summers. Fit is paramount with this tee. If you get it wrong, it could look like PJs. The basic color rule mentioned above applies to it. You can pair it with whites, greys, blacks, and navy tones. Wearing a solid colored tee or striped tee is completely your choice. But we’d recommend you avoid prints on long sleeve t-shirts and opt for textures. This will add a character.

Note: Taking note of body type is important. Not everyone has an amazing body and can rock in any t-shirt

So, what’s the trick of looking good in a t-shirt? It is important for all men to know their body type. If you are a stout or larger man, you may be having extra weight in your midsection. A tight-fitted tee won’t look good. If you are skinny, you should wear a baggy tee.

A t-shirt can look phenomenal if you know how to pay attention to the details.


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