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Skating Clothes

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Skaters know the importance of wearing comfortable Monkeskate Clothing that won’t restrict movement. That is why breathable fabrics like cotton are ideal – they help you cool down after skating and protect skin from scrapes and bruises.

Additionally, it’s wise to avoid wearing too much brand-name gear. Doing so could give off an impression that you are trying too hard and lead people to label you a poser.


Figure skaters must always wear tights as part of their outfit for several reasons. Not only do they protect the legs against cold temperatures and provide ice protection in case of falls, but they can also be styled to match one’s skin tone.

Tights can be constructed from a variety of materials. The two primary materials used are nylon and elastane.

Nylon is a type of polymer (molecule with repeated units) within the family of polyamide molecules.

Elastane gives tights their stretchiness, allowing them to contour to the skater’s body shape.

Skate tights come in a range of colors and can be either smooth or matte. Matte tights tend to be less shiny than their smooth counterparts, providing greater comfort while skating.


Skate shoes typically feature a wider profile than regular sneakers, which is beneficial for skaters since it allows more contact between their boards and the ground. Furthermore, skate shoes help avoid injury when landing jumps or doing tricks since there’s more surface area for your feet to grip onto.

You have your pick of shoe styles. Generally, opt for shoes with solid arch support and either a rounded or square toe wrap.

When selecting skate shoes, fit is key; so make sure you try them on in store and select a size close to your foot’s length. Additionally, there may be shoes with extra support near the heels if you have heel injuries or are an avid skater.

Over the last two decades, skate shoes have undergone major advancements. Initially, they featured thicker midsoles to provide better board feel; later on, they were re-engineered with thinner Lunarlon and Zoom Air soles for increased performance on any terrain.


No matter your level of skating ability, wearing pants is always recommended – especially in cold weather conditions.

Skaters have several types of pants to choose from, depending on personal preferences and your skating style. When making your choice, take into account both personal preferences and what works best for you as a skater.

Pants that are looser or stretchier, such as chinos or joggers, can be very comfortable to wear and provide you with the freedom of movement when skating. Furthermore, these types of pants typically contain more breathable fabrics which help regulate body temperature and improve performance.

Finding the ideal pair of pants for you requires trying them on and feeling how they fit. Additionally, consider how frequently you will use them and what activities you plan to do while wearing them.


Hoodies are an essential piece for any skater’s wardrobe. Not only do they look stylish and keep you warm during sessions, but they’re also great to wear in everyday life.

Hoodies come in an array of colors and can be found among high-end designer brands as well. Typically, hoodies are constructed from cotton, fleece or French terry fabric for comfort.

These socks are soft and easy to care for, providing comfort with a great fit.

No matter your style, CCS has something perfect for every skateboarder. Check out our Customs X hoodie collection to discover unique designs you won’t find elsewhere!

Hoodies have been around for millennia. From humble origins, they have evolved into an essential element of our society. Worn by monks, nuns, and priests alike, hoodies continue to symbolize humility, modesty and self-discipline today.

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