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Scrap metal for efficient car life

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Auto rescue specializes in removing old cars because they are outdated and often do not require repair. The condition of the car may vary and with it the method of removal. In fact, old cars are scrapped and then pressed under metal presses, and their flat metal bodies are sold to landfills (otherwise the garbage is not sold). Some not so old cars are sometimes bought by car collectors and enthusiasts, repaired and reused. Those who remember watching garbage wars know what I’m talking about. The old car has several uses, but the end result is that everything belongs to the trash.

In demolition sites, vehicles are usually stacked on top of each other, where customers can pull parts from the cars and pay the owners of the plant. Such lots are called “traction lots” and allow customers to buy, explore, and purchase the necessary auto parts

 In the second type of yard, spare parts are stored

In a warehouse where customers can buy them. Today, the yards are all connected by a centralized system, so if you want a car part, you can buy it from any yard. This will improve the delivery system of auto parts between customers.

Demolition companies focus on dismantling cars, doing all the necessary operations and dismantling the car without any problems. This involves a few steps, such as first checking the car for pollution and then checking the environmental papers. When disposing of the car in an environmentally friendly manner, all environmental instructions must be observed, as this is good for the environment and is required by law. Then there are the engine and other important parts that need to be checked for hazardous substances (when disassembling the car). The most important thing is that the body is properly cleansed of all oil and water and the car is completely dry.

 Car fluids, such as brake fluid and gasoline,

Can pose a significant risk to humans during car disassembly. Old batteries are also dangerous to health, as they tend to leak if they are not used for a long time. Last but not least, shipyards must remove the license plate and present a car removal certificate. The removal certificate is an extremely important document, as it certifies that your Skrotpræmie bil has been removed in accordance with all environmental requirements. It also ensures that your dump is actually discarded and not sold to an unintended customer after repair. This is important because such an object not only endangers the life of car buyers, but also makes you legally liable, as you can be identified as the main owner of the car.

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