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Recreational sports activities in the community,

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Recreation: According to the complexity of physical culture, health-improvement, sports or tourist activities, to which a person voluntarily devotes himself in his free time, for active recreation, recreation and personal development. This results in the needs of human movement: health and happiness.

Leisure time: As that part of reproductive time, in which the degree of activity obligation is not necessary and due to fulfillment of basic needs of an individual, any of them can be chosen

A group is a small group, a relatively stable formation, involving a constant and direct form of communication, with a particular structure of interaction, determined by the characteristics of the joint activity.

    With the permission of the author of this study,

He believes that a group is an alliance of several individuals with the same goals, interests and goals.

People’s Council: It is an organ of local people’s government of representative nature, endowed with the highest authority to carry out its functions. This includes a territorial dimension, supporting the Municipal Assembly of the power of the people in the exercise of its powers, supporting maximum understanding and attention to the needs and interests of the inhabitants of its working radius. (Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia).

Physical Activity: Defined as a systematic activity that targets the all-round physical development of practitioners, positively affecting adequate levels of physical and mental health.

    In all kinds of recreational physical activities

Humans are the main characters to be considered because their health is at stake.

If we understand that man as a biological organism and social entity always needed space and time to regenerate; We have to acknowledge that the 스포츠중계 recreational activities are obviously conditioned by, among other things, the prevailing social regime, the intellectual level of the individual, their economic level, traditions, and the offerings of available recreational sports The determination has been made.

    The basic premise of Cuban society is the fulfillment of human needs

, both material and spiritual. Starting from the last period of the insurgent struggle, the foundations began to be laid for what would later serve to produce the achievement of this goal along and across the entire country. Thus, we see how, day by day, the achievements of the revolution in fields as diverse as education, health care and sports, which latter includes the full spectrum of physical culture, are divided into: physical education,; Sports training, therapeutic and preventive physical education and physical recreation , among the most important and complex.

Organized physical activities in addition to recreational sports are part of the concept of a mass sports development strategy based on the real potential of each area, which has increased the level of public participation in the community as well as the National Department of Physical Recreation and various Many opinions have also been expressed within the various projects created and approved by the national commissions for sports, which are included in the research plan as a cause for physical recreation with the help of this project we of adolescents They managed to take up free time with health-improvement and sports activities.

    The modern world in which they live under specific historical circumstances,

Characterized by complex processes of change, transformation or social adjustment, educational reforms in student centers and residential areas for adolescents and youth need to be guided towards healthy play activities. And Healthy Leisure Activity considering the greater responsibility of recreational technicians, the National Institute of Sport, Physical Education and Recreation, which aims to promote healthy physical activity, age-conscious public interests and of groups to fully meet the choice.

    For recreation, in communities

Various activities must be carried out, such as: gaming, sports, cultural, manual, rhythmic classes, walking, hiking and eco-tourism. Participation of adolescents in the organized conduct of recreational sports activities, which contributes significantly to their self-learning, because, after managing to participate in various recreational sports activities, where they engage in various recreational activities The express their will freely , with expanded knowledge and experience, they accumulate in their body and mind for a long time.

Comfort in repair and restoration and a new salt in the comprehensive improvement in individual, social, family and collective well-being of lifestyles made in communities

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