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Reasons Your Cat is Peeing Outside the Litter Box

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Before you get upset with your pet, make contact with your veterinarian. They will assist you in an investigation of the root cause of the behaviour. Your cat may require simple changes to their environment or medication which will significantly improve their overall health.

What is the reason is it that cats go outside the box? What is the best way to deal with it? Here are some of the most common reasons for litter box issues.

Medical Issues

If you’re experiencing problems with your litter box The first step should always be to contact your veterinarian. The majority of medical issues can be eliminated with simple blood and urine tests. Birds Of South Carolina

“Anything that changes a cat’s feeling of well-being can create a change in behavior, and in cats, that means litter box habit changes,” says Dr. Cathy Lund of City Kitty which is a feline-only vet practice located in Providence, Rhode Island. “This behavior could be due to an infection of the urinary tract or kidney disease, or diabetes. Other health issues that cause uncomfortable, or cause your cat to experience a feeling of “off” also could be the cause. For example, a cat suffering from arthritis may struggle to get into an enclosure that has high sides or even a cover” claims Lund.

An Unclean Litter Box

“I use the analogy of a Porta Potty,” Dr. Lund says. “Who wants to use one of those when it is dirty, and you can smell it before you see it?” The same applies to litter boxes. If you’re not diligent when it comes to keeping your litter box clean, your cat will look for a different place to go. Reasons Your Cat is Peeing Outside the Litter Box

The Dr. Neil Marrinan of the Old Lyme Veterinary Hospital in Connecticut believes in that the “experience” is almost always the reason cats go outside the box, even if an illness is present. “The trick is making the litter box the first and only place they go–regardless of why they started to pee elsewhere,” Dr. Neil Marrinan says.

A Hard-to-Reach Litter Box

In addition to the litter box’s cleanliness, the location of the boxes can make your cat “go” elsewhere. “A box that is in a basement can be a problem for an older cat that has trouble with stairs or their eyesight,” Dr. Lund says.

The litter box must be placed in an busy area in the home. While it is unlikely that you would need a litter box in your living space however, moving it away from areas where people are likely to be cause the litter box to be difficult to locate or not appealing the cat. can cats eat mango

“Generally you want litter boxes that are out of traffic but not at the end of a scary, trappable tunnel,” the Dr. Marrinan. Similar to this litter boxes located near machines that produce unusual noises or strange vibrations such as the spin cycle of a washing machine–may be considered a “no-go zone” for cats.

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