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Rating Of The Best knives For The Kitchen

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1. Damascus Steel Knife Set

The Damascus-based company manufactures high-quality world-renowned Damascus steel knife sets. The brand’s tools are very popular with amateur and professional chefs, as they work best with every day and non-standard kitchen chores. Damascus high-tech knives make the best workmanship from first-class materials, mostly by hand, except for the vacuum forging and subsequent hardening process. They all have extremely fast, ergonomic designs, and exceptional durability. Knives from this brand range in price from 50 to 150 dollars.

2. Arcos

A Spanish brand that produces high-quality kitchen knives in a budget price segment. Products will appeal to every cook, as their blades are very sharp and need to be sharpen no more than once every 3-4 months, and comfortable handles made of wood or plastic that is pleasant to the touch fit comfortably in your hand and do not slip, making it easy to cut hard and soft foods. The average cost of Arcos knives varies in the range of 40-50 dollars. 

3. Wusthof

Knives of this brand are rightfully considered one of the most practical and durable in operation. Therefore they are very popular and can be found in almost any professional kitchen. Each instrument is of the highest quality and is marked with a unique logo in the form of an elegant white trident on a red background. 

The sharply sharpened blades of Wusthof knives retain their original sharpness for a long time. And the comfortable handles are very pleasant to the touch and do not slip in your hands, making it easy to butcher any food. The cost of the blades of this company varies between 25 – 35 dollars.  

4. Berghoff

Under this trademark, a wide range of high-quality professional kitchen knives is produce for a variety of needs – universal, carving, vegetable, chef’s, santoku, for tomatoes, bones, bread, and many other convenient and practical tools. All of them are make of the best neutral materials – stainless or molybdenum-vanadium steel and ceramics, thanks to which they are incredibly strong, reliable, keep sharpening for a long time, and do not absorb odors. The blades have an external titanium PVD coating that effectively prevents food from sticking, while some models are sharpene by hand. 

Handles of BergHOFF knives are make of wood and stainless steel. Or ABS plastic and have a convenient anatomical shape. Some of them are make hollow to reduce the weight of the tool. Some models are equippe with a forged neck, due to which their perfect balance and absolute safety for the hands are ensuring. PriceBergHOFF knives – from 50 to 40 dollars.   

5. Samura.

A well-known Japanese company that produces first-class kitchen knives with unsurpassed consumer characteristics. The brand’s assortment includes both budget and rather expensive products. While the average cost of Samura knives is about 30 dollars. 

All products of this company are distinguishe by the excellent workmanship of every detail. Durability, and chic decor, and also have an undoubted advantage. The blades remain sharp for a very long time and they rarely have to be sharpen.

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