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Rajmachi Trek the perfect thrill for your weekend

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A trip to the Rajmachi Fort will take you through the region’s secret sceneries, which will enchant you. The fort was constructed in the 17th century and is one of Maharashtra’s greatest trekking destinations. It is located in the Karjat region and was constructed during Shivaji Maharaj’s reign. From here, you can see the Borghat, which is an ancient trading route with breathtaking views. Apart from that, it is one of Khandala’s top tourist attractions. Reconnect with nature’s splendor while having an adventure day out with your friends and loved ones on the Rajmachi Fort walk. 


Embark on a pleasant journey to Rajmachi Fort, which departs from the base village every Saturday. If you choose the Lonavala to Lonavala package, you will be picked up from Kasara station and brought to the base village in shared jeep transfers. Those who choose the no-transport option will be required to report at the trek’s beginning place.

During the winter and summer months, only stay in camps in the base settlement, which is located below the two Balekilla. Allow yourself to be blessed by the lovely and beautiful morning.


During the Rajmachi Fort hike, take in the breathtaking views of verdant mountains, waterfalls, spectacular forts, green valleys, and beautiful flora and wildlife.

Arrive at the base village and eat breakfast with your teammates. Finish your adventure by taking some of the coolest photos with the stunning backdrop before departing for Lonavala at 11:30 a.m.

You may get a panoramic view of Borghat and its surrounds from the ancient Rajmachi Fort, which dates back to the 17th century.

What to Be Aware Of

Views from Manaranjan and Shrivardhan’s Twin Forts- The forts provide an excellent observation point. The Madan point, Dhak Bahiri, and Bhimashankar may all be seen from the north. Views of Kataldhar, Lonavala, and Karjat may be seen from the south side. You can also view the valley that runs through the Hill stations, as well as Valvan Dam, Tungarli Dam, and Duke’s nose at the end of the road. The Kataldhar Waterfall (in monsoons) and the twin hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala can be seen from the southeast .


Trekking through the Karjat and Khandala woods’ rich flora and fauna- The trek is rich in flora and fauna. Many birds, lizards, and insects live in the forests. There have been reports of huge leopard sightings in this forest belt. You will not be disappointed if you choose the Lonavala or Karjat sides. On both sides of the valley, the trail takes you through lush forest terrain covered in trees.

A trek to see the stars and see the sunrise- You get to see clear night skies because the walk is on the edges of Mumbai and Pune. One of the best treks to camp and see stars glittering in the night sky is the Rajmachi Trek.


The walk can be made into a two-day adventure. You might also start from one side and work your way to the other. The sunrise is also a highlight of the hike. If you’re camping along the trail, don’t miss the views from the fort as the sun rises over the horizon.

Rajmachi Trek is famed for sightings of fireflies during the pre-monsoon season. With these lighting beetles after sunset.You’ll be transported into a wonderful realm. Just before the monsoon season, you’ll see a lot of this wonderful bioluminescence show.

What is the best way to contact you?

It takes 65 kilometers to travel from Lonavala to Pune. There are 83 kilometers between Lonavala and Mumbai. It is simple to get there via public or private transportation.


• By Rail: 

The best way to get from Pune to Lonavala is by train. From Pune to Lonavala, there are various train alternatives. Let’s take a look at the three most popular rail routes. The train is the best way to go to Lonavala from Mumbai.


• By Road:

 If you don’t have your own vehicle, buses, taxis, and rented bicycles are all available. Because taxis and autos do not have meters, it is best to set the price ahead of time. As a result, taking the bus is the greatest way to get around the city.

When is the best time to go on the Rajmachi Trek?

The benefits and attractiveness of this walk alter depending on the month you trek. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll see throughout the course of these months of hiking.

On the walk, the months of May and June are the best for seeing fireflies. These bioluminescent bugs only live for two months. If you go trekking during the monsoon season. You’ll be rewarded with lush foliage and valleys brimming with waterfalls.The trek’s hue changes dramatically after the monsoon and during the winter season. Trekking for the color of fall trees and clear views is a completely different experience.


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