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Quick Hack-How to fix a spray bottle trigger?

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Using a spray bottle I always risky. There is always a chance of blockage and malfunctioning when spraying with a spray bottle.

Well, it is a common event because many small items collect around the house. As a result, the trigger gets locked, and you have to deal with malfunctioning at the workplace.

There are a lot of paint sprayers that work efficiently, but they still get locked when the triggers get fixed during an unusual event. In this case, you must know to fix this issue on the spot.


No matter what kind of sprayer you are using there is always a risk of trigger fixing even if you buy one of the best titan sprayers. Alltitanparts is a well-known company that provides titan 440 sprayer parts to help their customers resolve to fix issues as early as possible.

What to do when a trigger gets locked?

When a trigger gets fixed, the other parts of the sprayer also stop working and give you a tough challenge at the workplace. So, to deal with such matters, you must know some hacks that can fix your problem.

In this article, we will discuss an easy but useful hack to fix your locked spray bottle trigger. You can follow the below steps to due unlocking of a fixed trigger

  1. Unclamp the top

It is a crucial step because, without unclamping, you cannot move forward. For this purpose, use a pair of pliers and clamp the cap.

You have to hold the pliers tightly in your hand and, after holding them, move them in a counter-clockwise direction. While moving the pliers in a counterclockwise direction, make sure that it is a gentle rotation at your end.

A forceful movement or rotation can damage the cap, and this is what we cannot afford to happen while using a spray bottle for an important mission.

When you move the pair of pliers, the top gets clamped, and now it is time to move to the next step.

  1. Detach the pipe

When you clamp the top and hold the cap in your hand, it is time to detach the pipe. Once you hold the cap, turn it to the tube points.

After turning to tube points, detach the pipe from the pigsot. You have to avoid aggressiveness at this movement because your purpose is to detach, and not damage.

It should be gentle and low detachment so that no harm is done.

  1. Expose the metallic ball

The metallic ball in a spray bottle allows free helix movement. It gives the helix to move freely in normal conditions. But in jam-packed situations, it bans free helix movement.

In the usual setting, the metallic ball is present at the foot of the spiral wire. But when the trigger gets locked, it penetrates the spring. When the metallic ball changes its place, the free movement gets affected, and you cannot spray with a spray bottle.

In the third and vital step of trigger unlocking, you have to expose the metallic ball. You can do it when the duct is removed, and you access the metallic ball.

  1. Reposition the ball 

When you see the metallic ball in the spring, it is time to fix and reposition it. You fix the ball, and everything else gets smooth.

So, for this purpose, you have to pick it with the help of a needle or any harp object. When you place the metallic ball at its original position, the trigger gets released.

Repositioning the ball is always tough because when you pick the ball with a needle, the small opening gets enlarged in case you do it.

Do it with proper care, and understanding. It is because there are high chances of damage in this process. When you cork the perfume bottle, you have to prevent its small opening from getting large.

  1. Reassemble and test

When you complete your ball repositioning, it is time to reassemble everything. Fix the pipe in its position and rejoin all other parts the way they were back then.

When you reassemble all the parts, it is essential to check if the spray bottle is working properly or not. Test its performance by pressing the piston and observing the spraying mechanism.

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