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Prison School Season 2 Manga Review

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Fans of anime may be familiar with Prison School Season 2. This series follows five boys as they become the first males accepted into an all-girls school that used to be exclusive.

When they are caught spying on their female classmates while showering, they are sent to prison. This manga has earned critical acclaim and awards, suggesting that we will likely see a second season soon.


Chiyo is an intelligent girl with a keen sense of justice. Additionally, she exhibits great sensitivity towards sexuality, making her the ideal candidate for female prison guard duties.

Kiyoshi is intelligent but often naive. When Mayumi Tanaka is arrested for breaking into the girls’ bath, she mistakenly believes it to be her fault.

Thus, she begins to develop misandry and dislike men. This is also when she decides to join the Underground Student Council.

Prison School stands out among other anime shows by taking itself one step further. This is especially evident in its art department, where the surreal events often inspire the series’ artists to get quite creative.


Shingo is a moody and narcissistic individual who often makes selfish decisions at the expense of his group. He also exhibits signs of lechery towards women by eagerly planning to peek into female bathing areas with them.

As he and the other boys are imprisoned together, it becomes evident that they are all masochists who take pleasure in suffering under their attractive yet cruel supervisors. Furthermore, he feels jealous of Kiyoshi Fujino because of her friendship with Chiyo.

Last year, Prison School released its first season and earned accolades from both fans and officials alike. As of March 2018, it had sold around 13 million copies worldwide.


Joe is the shortest and smallest of the five boys at Prison School. He suffers from a bloody cough due to severe stomatitis.

Joe appears to have an odd obsession with ants. He usually wears a hood that casts his eyes and most of his features in deep shadow.

Joe may be the weakest member of their group, yet he manages to make friends and even fall in love with Sato despite being the least popular member. Although his obsession with ants may make him appear oddball, Joe is really just trying to fit in.

Prison School is an anime that thrives on absurdity. It can be challenging to watch, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. As one of the most popular shows currently, fans eagerly await Season 2.


Gakuto is a bespectacled boy with an interest in the Three Kingdoms and respect for history. He speaks with an age-old accent, referring to himself as “yours truly.”

While in prison, he often becomes the target of Meiko Shiraki’s abuse; yet this does not stop him from applying his strategic skillset. Additionally, he has a reliable character who will often sacrifice his long locks and dignity to save those close to him from harm.

In addition to his intelligence, he is also the most steadfast of the five boys. Even when it appears they’re losing, he chooses to sacrifice his safety and comfort in order to prevent expulsion for his friends. To this end, he even destroys valuable figurines and refuses to desecrate Chiyo’s clothes – an act which might seem selfless at first glance.


Hana is the leader of the Underground Student Council (USC). She makes for an interesting character in Prison School Season 2, as she doesn’t seem like much on the outside.

She shares an enthralling history with Kiyoshi, as she was severely abused as a child. This trauma has served to create the bond that unites them today.

Despite her trauma bond, she remains incredibly sweet and caring – making her one of the more popular characters in Prison School.

She’s the most immature and inexperienced when it comes to having a sexual relationship with men, which may explain why Hana seems so keen on targeting her during their time in Prison School.


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