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Power ball advantages

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This supplement, which in toy form has an impressive power for muscle work, offers many benefits that I will discuss shortly:

Increase muscle endurance

Power ball’s are especially effective for muscle work, as they can reach between 10,000 and 18,000 rpm, producing the resistance generated by the exercise.

Just as the vibration base works the lower muscle groups without moving a hair, the “power ball” does the same with your arms.

It is also possible to increase the neuromuscular efficiency of the wrist. What does this mean? That our nervous system’s ability to select the right muscles to increase or decrease strength and stabilize movement is activated (study).

A 2008 study showed how taking this supplement for a month increased grip strength and muscular endurance in the forearm, improvements that persisted even after a month of rest after exercise.

No mutual impact

Since the generated vibrations do not occur at more than 250-280 Hz, no negative joint shock will be generated, because vibrations in the hands after 1000 Hz become dangerous, as well as those below 0.5 Hz can cause dizziness (study)

Increase strength

This type of exercise allows you to increase strength in two fundamental aspects: grip and muscle strength. Several studies, including all those mentioned in this section, prove it.

Injury-free exercises that promote rehabilitation

Besides causing no joint impact, it is a completely injury-free job. This is the perfect recipe for arm rehabilitation.

For example, let’s look at some common problems in athletes: carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis).

Studio 1

A 2017 study in Iran suggested that this product could help patients with tennis shoulder and elbow impingement.

Forty-five athletes with pathology were divided into three groups: one with a shoulder impingement, the other with tennis elbow and the third as a control group.

The results showed that the two groups that trained for 8 weeks of 파워볼 사이트 were clearly superior to the control group.

Significantly improved grip, wrist and shoulder strength, as well as Proprioception (the senses that determine the position of muscles and body parts) and upper limb performance.

Study 2

Another similar study conducted in Korea in 2016 yielded similar conclusions. Of the three groups, one did Powerball exercises, the other with weights, and the last was only the control group.

Weight-bearing exercises and gyroscopes improve grip strength, wrist movement and reduce pain.

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