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Pileated Woodpecker

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The Basics

It is known as the Pileated Woodpecker has a prominent red crest that is present in males as well as females. Like all woodpeckers pileated woodpecker uses its strong claws to hold trees, while piercing the wood by the sharpness of its beak. The birds feed mostly on insects that eat dead wood, such as beetle larvae, carpenter insects termites, as well as others boring bugs.

Pileated woodpeckers are capable making massive holes inside dead wood. Thanks to the boreholes of the insects they hunt They can transform a tree from solid to an accumulation of wood shavings within several days. Pileated woodpeckers usually only go through trees that are already plagued by termites, ants or beetle larvae however, they may cause damage to buildings vehicles, houses, and other property owned by humans.

The woodpecker with the pileated name saw an ebb and flow prior to the 1900s. some species of woodpeckers even became extinct when humans’ population increased throughout North America. Since the beginning of the 1900s, it appears that the woodpecker that was previously extinct is experiencing a resurgence. The population increases by around 1.5 percent per year. its range is expanding slowly to parts that are Canada as well as it is expanding into the United States. White Birds It is interesting to note that several other bird species make use of roosts made by woodpeckers when the species has been eliminated from it. This implies that woodpeckers are extremely important to the forests ecology they live in!

Interesting Information From The Pileated Woodpecker!

While the pileated woodpecker is an amazing bird to observe when in nature, this species has plenty to show humans about the biology! Actually they are an excellent example of a variety of biological concepts.

Predator/Prey Evolution Dynamics

Consider what it was like to evolve into insects as well as woodpeckers. The wood in trees is extremely hard and the nutrients found in the wood are difficult to access. However, many insects take shelter in dead trees, feeding on the wood, and also in a safe distance from predators. Woodpeckers have developed specifically to take advantage of the defense mechanisms. Because of their sharp jaws and the ability to repeatedly hit wood they can identify weak points in which insects have already cut the wood.

The woodpeckers’ ancestral ancestors could be similar to smaller finches that simply picked insects from the outer and wood layers. However, birds with bigger beaks and more powerful impact strike were able to go deeper into the wood to find boring insects. In the end, you’ll get the pileated woodpecker. They are so adept carvers that they easily make large-sized cavities to create a nest. Thanks to these modifications, woodpeckers can get a steady supply of food , and they can also keep their children free of predators on the ground.

Attracting Mates

Within the Animal Kingdom, there are thousands of options to draw in a partner. Certain animals gather shiny objects, while others battle to win their mates, and others create the ideal home. Pileated woodpeckers are in this last group. The male spends months searching for the perfect nest in the dead wood. Males will try to choose the largest tree they can locate to make the ideal nesting area. A typical woodpecker roost that is piled will have numerous entrances, creating an 

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