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Pet Snake Guide for Beginners

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Snake Bytes Tips on Getting Your First Snake

You’ve made the decision to get an animal friend. Great! They are wonderful pets. However, before you head off to buy one, you should sit down and read and read before you go.

Choose a Good Beginner Snake

You may think that any snake will work however, you’d be wrong. Numerous experts would suggest the corn snake or ball python and kingsnake for snakes to keep as pets.

Know the Commitment

What is the length of time snakes live?  Prehistoric Birds  It is dependent upon the type of snake, however most snakes have lengthy lives. For instance corn snakes have an average lifespan of 5-10 years and ball pythons be around for 20-30 years and kingsnakes can last for 12-15 years. Be sure to do your homework on the kind of snake you’re interested in prior to purchasing it to determine if you’re prepared to commit the time which comes with it.

Know the Risks

It’s not just about bites here (though the chance of getting bites is low but accidents do happen). Snakes, just like any reptile, could carry Salmonella that could make you feel quite sick (it’s not recommended to keep a snake around children under the age of five due to this). If you have children around the home, ensure that they are taught to clean with soap and water after touching the reptile. Also, you? Also wash your hands!

Understand What Snakes Like

Snakes are by nature, usually solitary animals. They do not like crowds or loud sounds So, you should avoid going to the most recent Taylor Swift concert. Due to their single nature, it’s generally ideal to keep just one snake in each habitat. Make sure to limit the snake’s hand-holding to the minimum because most snakes don’t have the kind that can be touched. Pet Snake Guide for Beginners

However, you should be able to be able to handle your snake for around five minutes every day to ensure it’s used to the human contact. They also appreciate regularity and routine (who ever thought of that? ) So, stick to the same routine of feeding, changing the water and even cleaning the tank.

The Right Environment is Key.

It doesn’t mean that you need to gather dirt, water or plants out of the lush tropical forests of South America, but you have to make the ideal environment in which your animal snake will thrive and flourish in. This includes keeping the humidity and temperature at the right levels. Look up reliable sources, like The PetSmart’s Health Guides for more information on the appropriate temperatures and humidity levels that your animal needs.

If you are aware of that your pet’s needs are met, you can fill the the terrarium equipped with two thermometers as well as an hydrometer (humidity measure) to make sure your pet is living in an optimal habitat.

A heater is an ideal source of heat however, only use it for a portion of the tank since your snake will appreciate having a cool spot to lounge occasionally also. Can Dogs Have Avocados The heat rocks look attractive but they’re not suitable for snakes with sensitive skin.

 A fake plant

(live vegetation or even fertilizers found in the soil could be dangerous to snakes) put in a clever way within the enclosure, along with a separate water bowl that is placed under the lamp can assist in achieving the level of humidity you desire.

However, if you reside in an area that is dry it is possible to put a humidifier in close proximity (not inside) the tank, or employ an reptile fogging system that is specifically designed for use in the snake’s natural habitat.

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