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Overseas Soccer Broadcast

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Overseas soccer broadcasts are often referred to as broadcasts of all overseas soccer leagues, not the domestic K-League. Overseas soccer broadcasts are broadcasts of soccer leagues in each country, such as England’s EPL, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga, Italy’s Series A, and France’s Ligue 1. There are EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, and League 1 that you can see occasionally from domestic sports broadcasters. However, most of the broadcasts are for the overseas teams of the national players.

The reason is that TV broadcasters do not broadcast overseas games whose revenue structure is unclear, as TV broadcasters must obtain viewer ratings and advertising revenue from the contract for broadcasting rights. For those who like to watch soccer in addition to those who like soccer, it is a pity that domestic broadcasters have limited overseas soccer broadcasts. So, even though there are more leagues than domestic soccer leagues, you have no choice but to watch limited soccer broadcasts, so you will be looking for a way to watch overseas soccer broadcasts.

For Totoha, as you can see in Batman Toto, there are dozens of matches in overseas soccer leagues a day. However, since most of the cases do not watch the 스포츠중계 and only check the result, to use an analogy, it is like having your eyes open and Kobei. As such, overseas soccer relay sites are mainly visited by those who like soccer or want to place bets and watch the match.

In the case of overseas soccer relay sites

Not only EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, and League 1, but also all soccer leagues such as Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and Argentina that are not normally available are relayed.

There may be people who think that there is nothing to see except for the well-known EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, and League 1 high-quality matches and well-known players (named players). However, if you look at the FIFA ranking, France is 3rd, England is 5th, Spain is 7th, Germany is 12th, and Korea is currently 29th in the FIFA ranking.

The league’s ranking is not determined according to the FIFA ranking, but considering that more than half of the national team players are from their own league, the level of the league can be evaluated to some extent. It will be a fun spectacle because you can watch various matches on overseas soccer relay sites.


The advantage of TV is that there is no delay because it directly contracts for live broadcasting, and Internet sports broadcasting sites are inferior to the fact that it can be viewed on a large screen, so please refer to this point. Many Toto users use sports broadcasting sites. The reason is that even if you watch Batman Totoman, you can’t watch the game on domestic sports broadcasting companies, so you can use the sports broadcasting site like this.

Broadcasting companies broadcast games that can earn more by contracting the sports broadcasting rights, while sports broadcasting sites provide domestic and overseas sports broadcasting for free without membership registration. We recommend that you avoid sites that occasionally go and convert to a paid site when using the site. Most sites allow viewing without any problems, but if there is an advertisement illegal on the site, personal information may be leaked.


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